This sounds really awesome. I’m glad Jack befriends a giant girl. I haven’t seen the concept art from it but I heard she’s based on a Spanish girl the director saw when visiting Spain. Not that actual girls would be however tall this giant is, but still.

I love how Disney has reworked fairy tales in recent years. Their older films are good yes, but they more or less stuck tot he original story. The more recent ones use the basic story as a backbone pretty much, but then fashion it into their own, and they have done it really well too. So I expect Gigantic to be a wonder in its own right, especially with the composers from Frozen doing the music.

I thought Gigantic was supposed to be based on that age-old “Jack and the Beanstalk” tale…?

It is, they just reworked it, like Disney had been doing it with their last few fairy tales adaptations.

Well, I thought they always did that since the beginning. Some parts have to be expanded, cut off, or even added in order to make the fairy tale a feature film, you know.

That’s true, I mean in the original Snow White fairy tale the queen uses a normal disguise instead of a potion and went to her three times. First time was a poisoned comb, second time a corset that she tied too tight and then the apple, which was lodged in Snow White’s throat. The dwarfs put her in a glass coffin, as in the movie, but instead of kissing her he asks for her to be taken to his castle. His servants carry the coffin, one trips and the apple dislodges and Snow White wakes up. She and her prince get married and invite the queen and force her to dance with hot iron shoes until she drops dead.

But what I mant to say was that they had taken more liberties in recent years, like setting The Frog Prince in the 1920’s New Orleans or giving Rapunzel magic power. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing; in fact, I like, maybe even love those changes.
So, I’m actually looking forward to see what they make of Jack And The Beanstalk :slight_smile:
… And I wouldn’t mind an adaptation of Town Musicians of Bremen or The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats.

Well I just saw this thread again and I gotta say…that when this movie comes out to theaters I probably won’t be seeing it. Sure I enjoyed Zootopia and still waiting to see Moana, but unfortunately I won’t be getting copies of those.

Check that, I’m clearly losing interest over plain Disney classics and those of many other studios in general. (Sorry if I went off-topic…but the truth is, by the time Gigantic comes out I will have already lost interest in plain Disney altogether.)

Last thing I heard was its cancellation. It’s making me kind of sad as I was looking forward to this.