Gil's other escape plans

When Gil announces his new escape plan, Gurgle says “Oh no, not another escape plan!” (or something to that effect), which would suggest that Gil has had at least several failed plans in the past. Any ideas what they might have been, just for fun? I find it hard to come up with other plans, since the fish can only either jump out of the tank or swim up the tube that leads to the filter.

Well, Gil is very creative. With the limited resources he has, I’m he found ways to overcome it. I personally would like to learn more about the plan that got him his scars.

Same here^^, maybe they could make a short of that (they probably won’t though).

well he said he landed on dental tools so I figure he lept out of the tank somehow…I always assumed it was similar to the trick they did with the ‘volcano’

When does Gil say that? I don’t know the continuity of the movie that well, so what scene does it follow?

I cant remember exactly what happens right before it, but I think it was right after he tells Nemo he’s lucky someone’s out there looking for him and he asks Peach if there’s been ‘any movement’. Anyway, Gill catches Nemo looking at his scars and says “My first escape. I landed on dental tools. I was aiming for the toilet”