GLP 'S fan art

O.K ! it’s on TSS !

Oh my gosh! Violet looks so cute! You did an incredible

job with it GLP. I can’t wait for more. She looks marvelous. Nice job.

Ha Ha , i laugh at myself , i’m already thinking about what I wil draw for

X-MAS .I’m thinking Mcqueen and Sally with Casa Della Tires in the backround all lit up . Maybe snow , even

though they’re in the south . Let’s just say it was a holiday miracle . :wink:

I’m thinking about

this and I still haven’t started on Mitch’s request . I’m so bad . shame on me !

Hey . I can put

misiltoe in the picture ! and maybe give them that cute christmas romance look . What am I saying ?! It’s not

even Thanksgiving yet !

TSS - Thanks , i really don’t like the eyes though . The left eye look smaller


I saw Bob!!, go bob, go bob ,go bob it’s your birthday,

Oh, yeah! Oh yeah!
Gonna party like it’s your birthday! LOL :laughing:

I’m CRAZIE!!! ;-o

gottalovepixar - I love your Violet drawing. :wink:

mitch : thanks

CF: yes , u are crazy , bob was a week ago , about .

GLP: i won’t argue, my saying is that everyone is crazy

they just keep it to their selfs. Me i love to show it !! Whoo!!! Yay !!
Well, i wouldn’t describe myself

crazy just weird, but weird is normal i’m getting too off topic i’ll stop now.


peoples i’m gonna post gueniviere sometime today . In fact , she looks good enough to color , and I hate

coloring my pictures . But she looks to good to be black and white .

and CarFreak : (applauds) good job

for getting back on topic ! yay !

gottalovepixar - Great – I can’t wait to see her.


Here she is ! and I

colored her !


gottalovepixar -

Aww…she’s so cute! Great job. :smiley:

thanx , i took all of the characteristics you put in your

fanfic .


Haha – I know. I can see that. I’m rather honored that you did. :wink:

And you’re welcome! :smiley:

Hey guys i added some stuff to my idea about my

holiday pic .

The Casa Della Tires backround is still the same , but now i’m putting mater behind sally

and lightning with his tow cable above them .

and guess what’s on the cable ?



i good or what ?

i also might make doodles for my friends ( that i know face to face . maybe some of you

guys ) and my teachers . but they’ll be in pixar form . i already know my science teachers gonna be a sting ray

and my friend ( who i’m trying to convince to my friends that i don’t like him ) will be a racecar .you’ll

know what he looks like when i get deeper into my fanfic ! and my drama teacher’s gonna be that twirly pink

thing in finding nem . i think it’s called a spanish flamingo dancer or something like that .

Just like I said to PV: I can’t wait to see it. I’m sure it will be pretty


anybody want to give me a request . i draw cars and animals better than people

. but i can’t draw mater . so i’m gonna have to change my idea for x-mas .

gottalovepixar - Could you

draw Remy, please? :wink:

OK ! i was trying

to put that off , since i’m afraid i’m gonna mess up the cheese !

EDIT : this is some really eveil

cheese . it looks nothing like remy !!!

i’m done . too tired to post now .

Well, I hope you can post it soon. I’m all bouncing in

my chair, hoping for a pic.