GLP 'S fan art

Well , i learned i can’t post my pics on here unless I have photobucket or

some other dohicky , so I just posted them on my blog


EDIT : " Violet" is now on !

Your pictures look pretty good. Keep drawing! You are

doing an incredible job.

Thanx , i draw my

pictures from other pictures , and I have a Sally somewhere .

Do you take

requests? If you do, can you draw the Incredibles? If not, that’s cool.

You post so fast ! I’ll try to find a

picture somewhere . if there’s a certain picture just post it .

I know. I have a sense of when people do post. And I read fast too as it is a short

post. But anyways, I am really anious to see your new picture. I’ll wait.

Not bad – keep up the good work!


Request: I would also like to make a request. Would it be possible for you

to draw a sketch of Remy, please? :wink:

sure mitch , right after i

finish TSS’s request .

No More Requests For Now Please !

Hey, GLP, I SAW BOB!! :laughing: He’s cute! I love your drawings! :smiley:

TSS - It’s done ! Not one of my best works since i’m

not that good with eyes . I’ll give you a hint who it is :it’s a girl !

Carfreak - Thanx … even though

you love all my stuff but a compliments still a compliment .

Mitch - Any certain picture you want me to

draw ?

I don’t see the pic in your profile glp. But I predict

it is Violet.

two things TSS

Your mean ! lol why did

u have to guess correctly first time ! :slight_smile:

and i forgot to put in that last post that since i take pics

of my drawings i can’t put it on at the moment since my camera’s full of photos from a birthday party my family

just did .

i’ll try to get it on tomorrow . but here’s the pic i drew it from



Yes, indeed. Here you are:


I thought so mitch … i thought so . :wink:

BTW not to get too

off-topic , but did you read my last 2 chapters in my fanfic , because you didn’t reply about them . ok no more

off - topic !

gottalovepixar - Pff…yeah. I kinda like Remy… (blushes)

Off-Topic: Nope – I haven’t read your recent chapters of your fan fiction

story yet; but I will, so don’t worry! :wink:

No , because you always talk about that cheese picture !

just noticed , unless you want that big cheese

in the picture , your gonna have to pick another , but you do want the cheese , right ?

gottalovepixar - Ahh…I

see. Yes, I do love that picture. He reminds me of one of the rats I had when I was younger…


don’t do cheese, huh? Alright then. How about this picture:

Remy and Rollie

Not too hard – you could just

draw Remy and leave Rollie out of the picture. :wink:

No I can do cheese ! i just didn’t know if you wanted just remy or the cheese and remy !

Ah what the heck i’ll do the cheese !

gottalovepixar - Haha – alright then. :smiley:

I wanted Remy and his cheese in

the first place, so…I guess everything is worked out now – heheh.


GLP, I can’t wait to see it! I am sure I will be incredibly impressed.