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Chapters 1&2
Chapters 3&4

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Chapter 1

: Suprise , Surprise

It’sthe biggest race of the eason , the Daytona 500 . Many cars are cheeringfor

their favorite racer , a majority of them shouting " Mcqueen! " Others are sitting , waiting for the

race to start , buying tons of antenna balls and fuel .

After last season , with Chick Hicks winning the

cup and Lightning Mcqueen getting The Fabulous Hudson Hornet , also known as Doc Hudson , for his new crew chief

, not to mention him turning down Dinoco , everone was stoked to see what would happen this year . Questions

needed to be answered , the main one being " who the heck’s gonna get dinoco ?? "


Welcome to the Daytona 500 , the first race of the piston cup season , " said Bob Cutlass to the crowd and

home viewers ," Everyone here is excited , but mostly because of the mysterious dinoco racecar !


" That’s right Bob ! " Darrel Cartrip replied back , "Nobody but Dinoco and The

King know who it is . "

" Now remember Darrel , He’s retired now , so it’s Strip Weathers .


" Do you seriously think that people will stop calling him The King ? " Darrel rolled his

eyes a bit . He soon gasped , " I think it’s the Dinoco racecar ! "

" What a lucky car

that guy is ! " exclaimed Bob , " Think about it , not only will they race with ease with Dinoco , they

get a bunch of-"

" Hey ! that’s not a guy ! It’s a girl ! "

" No way !

" Lightning replied from the pits , while everybody else just stared at the bright blue Plymouth Superbird

with a big smile on her face .

" That’s right folks , " Bob’s voice announced from the speaker

," for the first time in Piston Cup history , a female is a racecar ! "

" Hmm ,"

Lightning said to himself ," let’s go see who this girl is ."

Sally overheard , and gave

Lightning a look that said " I know what you’re thinking , I’m your girlfriend , if you forgot .


" Well , if you don’t want the poparazzi to know were dating , i’ll have to go say hi , I

mean , who wouldn’t ? "

"Mm Hm " Sally rolled her eyes , " right


Lightning drove up to the racecar . She wasn’t far from him , as he noticed she entered from the

closet entrance near him .

" Hey , " Lightning introduced himself , " I just to be the

first to say , welcome to the racing sport , and good luck for next week . " He knew the car had only come

to watch , as most rookies did on the first race .

Well , thank you very much , " the girl replied

, " I’m Angie . BUt I’m afraid you’ve already been beaten by somebody . "

" Oh really ,

by who ? "

" By my father , " Angie answered back with a smile .

" And who’s

your father ? " Lightning asked , confused .

" Angie , " The King shouted from behind them

, " come over here !"

" 'kay daddy , be right there ! "

Lightning’s grill

dropped open . He couldn’t believe it . He sitll couldn’t believe it when a fly flew right into his grill


Angie was The King’s daughter


So , what

do you think ?I just added the fly , thinking it would be funny

Unfortunately ,my title got cut off . It was supposed

to say

Gottalovepixar presents "Cars 2 " writer and director : me

sorry about that

guys(and gurls !)

Edit : please tell me what you think , or i will think you all hate it . and then i’ll

cry . :`-( lol ! :laughing:

Nice work

for your first chapter. Keep writing. I can tell this is going to be a great fic.

thank you . It gets more interesting , but i was afraid it would get too long , though i have

seen longer .

Yeah. Mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job so far,

gottalovepixar. Your “script-written” fan fiction has caught my attention,

as I love that style of writing. Keep up the good work! :wink:

Of course I meant

yours . each one could be a chapter book !

When I was 8 everyone on used to writes their fanfics

like that because it saved some room there was like a 200 or so word limit .

you would hate that , huh ?



Haha – yeah. I tend to write long novels; it’s an old

hobby of mine. I rememer one instance when my English teacher gave me instructions to write a short story

consisting of 300 words or less. I ended up making my “short story” into an incredibly long novel –

way over the 300 word-count. :unamused:

Wow – a 200 word limit? I couldn’t survive with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet you got an A . what grade was that ( just in

case I have to do that ) ?

gottalovepixar: Yeah – I got

an ‘A’ (97%) for the project…in ninth grade. Although, I have been homeschooled all my life, so my reports

might be a little different compared to yours. :wink:

To that I say Horay :slight_smile: , for i’m sick of short

stories and narrative accounts
( i’ve done it for 2 years , almost was 3 , but I got into that school before

they started to do that ) . That’s another reason i write my fanfics like this , because if I don’t i feel like

i’m in school . I guess you’re story was too long to be a short story , or you made alot of grammar and

spelling mistakes , or it had too much poupage ( fluff ) .

Though , I might go to a boarding school next

year , so the story might have to be bigger ! :frowning:

I’ll break this down into sections:

1) Well, thank you.

As a matter of fact, I hardly made any spelling mistakes at all. I only got 97% because the story was too long.


2) Ohh…don’t worry. As long as you have confidence in

yourself…you’ll probably do fine at boarding school, if you do go. :wink:


Strangely enough, I don’t think of writing/reading stories as work or a boring activity. I absolutely love it,

actually. Maybe if you look at it as something fun, you’ll like it more.

However, I believe you made

this thread to post your fan fiction on, so we had better not get too off-topic. I will allow you to continue

your story without any more interference…hopefully. :wink:

Hmm …

where should I start ? …

Lightning quickly drove back to his pit crew , embarrased of what he had

just did . Not that he thought of it , it was a pretty ignorant thing to do .

" Ha ha ha … "

Mater laughed , "that was fun-ney . You go up to her thinking she’s all pretty , then it turns out to be

The King’s daughter , you must feel pretty stupid now , huh ?"

" That’s what he gets for’

trying to make sure the poparrazi don’t find out we’re dating ’ , Sally said

" Boy ," Doc

insulted , " that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard for an excuse ! "

" I was just

trying to get some info on my new competition . "

" She’s not competion until next week

!" Sally rolled her eyes , " You’re just afraid she’s gonna be better than you


"Please , she’s just a rookie , and a girl for that matter " , Lightning muttered . But

Sally had heard him .

" Just because she’s a girl , " Sally defended her gender , "

doesn’t mean she’s afraid to get a little dink in her paint job .I bet she’s as good as The King himself


" Whatever , " Lightning ignored his girlfriend , " now if you excuse me , I have a

race to win ! "

The race was just like every other race , nothing suprising in any of it . Chick had

, of course , gotten second place with Lightning in front of him , winning the Daytona 500 .

It was about

an hour after the race and everybody was packing up , when The King and Angie approached Doc .

Angie was

quite delighted to meet the Hudson Hornet . " I can’t believe it ," she said in awe , " I’m

actually meeting the fabulous hudson hornet , which is kind of weird , since you were my daddy’s inspiration

and I always thought of him in the beginning of racing . "

Doc chuckled at her comment while The

King gave her a small , parental glare , " Wow , a true racer with some extra spice , she must have a

trainer by now . "

" Nope , not yet . Quite suprised she doesn’t even a crew chief yet , you

would think everybody would rush up to be it . "

" Well , that’s what happens to most of the

girls , " Doc explained , " they think they’re not as tough as the others . I can be her crew chief if

you want … I could train her too . "

" Really ? " Angie grinned that famous

“Weathers” grin .

" I don’t know , we live pretty far from Radiator Springs , " The

King said , making his daughter’s hope drop a bit .

"She can stay at the Cozy Cone , " Sally

suggested , " It’s not like it’s losing me money , everyone goes up to the Wheel Well .


" Come on Daddy , Puh-lease ! " Angie added a puppy-dog pout for extra effect .

The King sighed , " Alright , i guess so , But if your mother starts cryin’ it’s not my fault .


" You’re kidding , right ? " One of Lightning’s eyebrows was arched .

Nice job,

gottalovepixar. Your story is coming along nicely.

Do you mind if I make a

slight suggestion?

Let me guess , write down the race


if that’s it , i had no idea how I should have done it , i’m not very good with action .


that’s not it , go ahead . i don’t mind a bit .

gottalovepixar - Heheh – no, it’s not the race.


I was just wondering if you could make your script a little more legible to read. If this is a problem

for you, though, then please ignore my comment at all costs. It’s just that I find it easier to scan/read a

clean-cut post than a…umm…“slightly messy” one.

I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings


Don’t worry , you didn’t . You know what they say , messy stuff , messy mind .

O.K it really goes messy desk messy mind , empty desk … well ,you know the answer .

gottalovepixar: Heheh – yeah, I get it. :wink: I’m glad I didn’t offend you, in any


Actually , you didn’t offend me … because

I have NO IDEA how i’m gonna do what you said . [size=75]lol[/size]

hi peoples


i won’t be posting chap 3 for a while since i just had a dentist appointment
and my mouth is all

sore and annoying . also , because i might have to get a root canal and I have needlephobia :`-( .

Oh dear. I hope you feel better soon! Dentists are no fun at all…

Until you feel up

to par, I’ll be waiting for the next chapter. :wink: