Got my UP Ornament!

OK, Hallmark Christmas Ornaments are out, and there is an “Up” ornament this year that is the first in a planned series of Pixar-themed Ornaments. The Up one is Carl & Russell, with Russell showing off the Ellie Badge after Carl has pinned it on him - very cute.

That is cute! Do you think you could upload a picture of it?

I plan on buying this sometime because it’s too difficult to find Carl/Russell figurines, unless I buy the pricey WDCC one. It looks nice, from what I’ve seen!

I actually got this one for Christmas, along with an Art of Up book (my family knows me well :smiley:). I’ll gladly upload a photo when I get the chance!

Woo-hoo! :smiley: Yes, the Art of Up is indeed a good read. :wink:

I have that ornament, too.

What, it came with the Art of Up Book?