Grand Theft Auto V

I am going to check everyday so I won’t be late as soon as I wake up and later in the day so I’m not late :smiley:

Just make sure the screens show up on the thread. :smiley:

After seeing the screenshots and teaser trailer, I think this could be the best Grand Theft Auto game ever. But you never know!

Seeing those screenshots made me scream like a girl. So cool that they’re bringing back parachutes. I don’t think they’d bring them back in The Ballad of Gay Tony only to abandon them in GTA V. This game will be phenomenal.

Here are 4 more screenshots. I’ll add some of my own descriptions.

This makes me wonder if you’ll be able to grab onto vehicles. This has to be during a mission in the game.

A plane flying across a beautifully detailed river. Looks like something out of Red Dead Redemption or Skyrim.

The Infernus returns with the same design from GTA IV, only with better reflection. Must be a car chase.

A laser-beam sniper pointing at an armed thug with an AK-17. Still think the night-time could be a bit more realistic.

Rockstar promises more info in the few weeks. Here’s hoping it’s a new trailer.

I was sick yesterday and I am still a bit today so I wasn’t able to go online. But it does look like Skyrim!

Graphic wise, the screenshot with the plane over the river does look like Skyrim’s detailed forests, rivers and grass. You almost wouldn’t think it would be from a GTA game.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had a lot of countyside and desert. But lets just say a guy Bob, was playing Grand Theft Auto V on his PC in the countryside and has a mod with Skyrim weapons and armor, then his friend Joe comes over.

Joe: Ooooooooooh Skyrim I love Skyrim!
Bob: No this is GTA V!
Joe: WHAT?! That is SO Skyrim!
Bob does cheat to pull out an AK-47
Joe: I have that cheat!
Bob cheats to get an airplane
Joe: That too!
Bob flies to Los Santos
Joe: Oh.

Rockstar seem to be taking their time with info again. Still, I’m trying to be as patient as possible. Next month it’ll be ONE year since they officially announced the game. Oh yeah, and…

Wow, just wow. I take that comment back BIG TIME.

Has anybody read the book about Rockstars history by David Kushner? What a great read! Anyway, I stopped playing GTA games years ago. The main reasons why are the hand to hand combat and driving controls. To me they are bad and I don’t understand why Rockstar hasn’t improved them over the years after so many games. Especially the driving controls.

Are you talking about GTA IV? I agree the driving was pretty hard but I bet GTA V will improve on that.

Not only IV. Also Vice City and San Andreas. It became frustrating to pass mission for me in all three of those games that caused me to give up after awhile. All those missions requirede to drive something.

Know it’s a little late, but here’s some beautiful official artwork that got released by Rockstar a few days ago. It depicts a scene from the first and so far only trailer, showing the possible main protagonist and this accomplice getting ready to rob a bank while dressed as pest control. The art style seems to be more resemblant of artwork from the GTA III Era games than more recent games (GTA IV, RDR, MP3 e.g).

Here’s some more artwork that although a leak, is considered by many to be real. I agree, it looks way too well done to be fake. It depicts a street thug (possibly the Hispanic guy in the trailer) holding a rottweiler on a chain, another indication that dogs and animals will be in the game.

Rockstar promises lots of info to be released next month, possibly refering to a GameInformer issue about the game (featuring an 18-page story with lots of info!) that is set to be released online on the 8th of November. Can barely wait.

Some more leaked artwork, this time showing female police officers and quadbikes.

Not sure if this is 100% real, though it does look pretty damn legit.

Know it’s a little late but release date confirmed for Spring 2012, along with some sexy artwork.

Bad news, the trailer 2 was coming this weekend but Hurricane Sandy delayed it :cry:

Yeah I know. We may get something later today or tomorrow. Even if we don’t, there’s still the GameInformer story on Thursday to look forward to. :smiley:

In the meantime, here’s some high quality posters with some FANTASTIC artwork.

Me too.

And Trailer 2 has just been announced!

Its about time

GameInformer cover reveal confirms 3 protagonists! Awesome!