Grand Theft Auto V

I can’t wait! I love the GTA series. What are everyone else’s thoughts on this

I also like GTA. My bother might get a PS3 so he can get it. Hope it gets on the Wii U.

Oh yeah! I’ll definitely be picking this up since I love the entire GTA series. It’s one of my favourite video game franchises. Rockstar are claiming it’ll be the biggest game they’ve ever developed. That’s right, even bigger than Red Dead Redemption.

Will be GOTY.

I’m not a fan of the GTA series.

Well, it’s not a game for everyone. Depends on your taste.

I’m still waiting for more info.

I’m with TSS on this. I don’t really care for those kinds of video games.

Like I said, it’s not a game for everyone. I personally LOVE the series. It’s one of my favourite game franchises.

I really adore the GTA games. Ive beat every one, and I beat GTA IV 7 times.

Hear, hear. I’ve completed most of them 100%.

They are just such perfect games in my opinion.

Yeah. I love every single one. They’re all unique in their own ways. I also love the soundtracks they have.

I know! Every radio station is perfect. What game is your favorite?

San Andreas or Episodes from Liberty City.

Nice! I’ll always favor part III, Vice City, and part IV.

24th of May and still nothing new since the trailer in November. Man I hate Rockstar so much. It’s as if they don’t care about it anymore.

You might not care about this, but two screenshots were just released by Rockstar today. It’s about time as well, especially after 8 months of NOTHING. More info should arrive in the upcoming months.

The game looks gorgeous. :smiley:

Rockstar just released three more screenshots! Even better than the last 2. These confirm that ridable/flyable bikes and planes WILL be returning. Enjoy.

Aww you beat me to it. But the article said more to come this week! I smell a new trailer by the end of 2012 :smiley:

I’ll give you the honour of posting the new screenshots here when they arrive. I can also see a new trailer coming in the next few weeks. Maybe then we’ll get more depth into the story and of course a release date (which might be delayed knowing Rockstar).