Graphic Help Please?

So I see all kinds of great edited Pixar graphics all over the site but I’m not very tech-savvy and could use some help. My favourite movie is Cars and I’m a major Sally+Lightning fan. I want a super sweet, cute, romantic avatar and/or picture perhaps with some writing on it. If anybody is interested in making one for me that would be wonderful, just send me a PM. Otherwise I could really use some advice on how to do it myself. :laughing: And I’ve got one more question…it’s really noobish but…how do you attach a picture to your signature? Any help/guidance/adive would be greatly appreciated!!! :mrgreen:

With your question on the attaching image, first, click the Img button on the text toolbar, then, find a image and copy the URL of it, repeat, the URL. If you don’t feel you got it right, press the preview button and if it comes out as a hyperlink to the image, you got it wrong. If the image actually appears, your A OK!

And with the whole Sal+Stickers Romance thing, i would be glad to do it if you wish, but how exactly did you want this whole thing to turn out? I don’t want to find some kind of romance quote on my own if it isn’t something of your pleasure, so just give me some idea on it!

Thanks somethingguy! I’m in no rush to add a pic to my siggy but I wanted to know in advance in case I want to add one. Regarding the graphic, I can most certainley find a quote or two! I also have found someone else that is willing to help me out but the more the merrier if you would still do one for me. If you are still interested let me know and I will send you a PT with more details and my ideas. :mrgreen:

Give me the scoop.

I’m not a big graphic maker. But is a good site for new graphic makers to make simple graphics. I also use flicker to upload images.

Already helped MissCarrera, Kenzie. Looks like the other replies we made didn’t send.

That’s 'cause we did it through PM remember? Thanks for the advice though eje. I found a couple of nice members who helped me out. Plus, I learned how to make/edit my own, like the signature picture I have now. This thread is kind of pointless now so I give you full permission to lock it or delete it now if you like. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try too… :slight_smile:

I tried to check it out but it was a lot slower to load. If it has more effects and stuff though I might try it sometime.

Sorry guys! This thread could be a good resource for other members who need graphic help, so we can all just post advice!

I never thought of that! No problem then. So far I’ve only used PhotoBucket so I would reccommend that to anyone who is looking to just make simple avatars or other graphics. It’s got some cool effects. :nerd:

I like photobucket as well, but my old computer didn’t like it and would always freez up. So I got a flickr, which I still use now on my new one.

That’s cool. What all can you do on Flickr? I’ve heard of it but I’m not sure exactly what it’s all about.

Basically uploading and sharing pictures.

I see. I don’t know many people who use it but it is quite popular is it not?

I think it’s considered popular, especially since it’s a part of Yahoo!, so it’s pretty easy for Yahoo! users to log in, they use the same account really. I learned out about it from my agriculture teacher.

Sweet. I wish I found out about cool sites from my teachers. :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yeah! It was perfect because my ag teacher uploaded all the FFA activity pictures online.

That’s handy. I think that’s a skill more teachers need to learn: how to use technology. There are so many ways it could enhance our learning.