Graphics by Esmedes

I’ve seen a lot of fun graphics around here, and I figured I’d make some of my own. Ha. Mostly my graphics would be A Bug’s Life circus bug oriented, but hey. It’ll be a bit of a splash of some “new” stuff.


Here’s my very first one on the board

It was a temporary until the one I have now. Which I’ll show so folks can see it before I change it again.

Yaaay, this one has concept art :smiley: ! One from when Gypsy appeared to have been a (“cute little”) bumblebee.

And now. Onto the captioned silliness that I will allow use of :slight_smile:

I guess I was mostly like Francis and Rosie XD
Let’s see the other guys reaction to the ending

Oh, Tuck and Roll XD

I had the hardest time trying to caption this one.

It’s a bad joke, I know, I know. Other ideas I had were “He just realized that Gypsy was still in the Chinese Cabinet of Metamorphosis” and "Manny just realized what Flik meant by “your assistant is in another box” (which is the same meaning as the last one).

And one of my favorite T&R moments

I’m surprised there weren’t others like this XD

And now, some icons

Here’s mine so people can see it when it changes

It looks so…rainy…or something.

And I found this just hilarious

A face that can only be seen on the Widescreen version X3

Stay tuned for more :smiley:

LOL, that’s so true. I would have to say that Toy Story 3’s ending just about rivals A Bug’s Life in terms of scariness.

Hm. Maybe. I kinda think being trapped in an incinerator on your way to your impending doom is WAY scarier. In fact, I think that’s the scene that the first group is watching!

True, [spoil]the incinerator[/spoil] is far more intense (the most intense thing Pixar has ever done even), but who can forget how scary it was for audiences before then when they saw Hopper getting eaten by a giant bird in the rain?

It is kinda scary, but the irony of it is all too funny, especially in the commentary when they were talking about how they wanted the animators to make the baby birds looks as CUTE as possible. But, the undoing was really original. And I gotta say one of my favorite parts of that whole movie is how FAST that bird snagged Hopper. Even if slow motion, the bird’s head will be a blur. But I agree, other than the perpetual cuteness of those chicks, that was a scary scene.

Esmedes, you my friend are talented, that is really quality work I have to say! :smiley:
Maybe I might just have take one of yours, if I want.
And just get rid of my ‘Greatest Glee Quotes’ Signature, I really like that one with Toy Story 3, I have
to think about it and put your name below the signature.
May I ask, how did you make those, also how did make the screenshots?

I played ABL on my computer with the widescreen version (the collectors edition has the option of full or wide screen). Then when I got to a picture I wanted, I paused and hit the “print screen” button on my keyboard. Depending on if photoshop was cooperating, I sent the picture directly to it. If it wasn’t, I put it on paint and saved it, then opened it in photoshop :slight_smile: . Then I just altered the size and added text.

I now have some new ones!

This one has ALWAYS been one of my favorite moments of the movie…with a corner Atta for your enjoyment

I feel so bad for JL and crew for not being able to get Tuck and Roll making up in the middle of their fight XD

Oh my goodness. When I first saw these, it really blew me away. I absolutely love them all. I love the “It take a moment” and the “Toy Stroy 3” ending one.

It’s nice to see some bug’s life graphics!!

My favorite is
“The second half of TS3had everyond scared…everyone”
“Now That’s funny”

One of the best scenes in abl!

Thanks a lot for the comments :slight_smile:

Here’s another set.

Well, it seems that humanity will have to undergo changes to everything they know about insects :unamused:

What the cast does on breaks

However, it was actually Colonel Mustard in the dining room with the knife =P . I made Manny’s mistake for the murderer in reverse =P . I wanted to have a “Hopper caption” saying “So says the butler”, as a joke that the butler is ALWAYS the murderer…however, Clue doesn’t have a butler XD

And continuing the line of ABL sees TS3 =P

“How are they going to get out of this one?!”

I have some more sets :slight_smile:

Good greif…those are some BAD cookies O_O

Speaking of things being bad

I spotted that unfortunate fly and cracked up XD

One of my favorite moments from the movie

“Yes, of course!” Ha. I just love how unfazed he was after crashing into…badly hidden stuff, I guess.

“What part can I play?”

It could be worse. He could have been Maid Marian.

Nice graphics.

Sweet! ABL graphics! I love them all! Look forward to seeing more from you, Esmedes!