Graphics by the infamous -red-

wannabechef91: No problem - it looks awesome on you, haha! :smiley:

little chef

Thanks a bunch little chef! Keep doing these stuff! :smiley:

EDIT: I have a request, could you make me an avvy of Emile or Capt. McCrea? I am appreciated. :slight_smile:

wannabechef91: Yeah, no problem!! :smiley: I’m on it… I’ve got lotsa pictures to choose from, so you might end up getting a whole ton to pick from! :laughing:

little chef

Yeah! I’m thinking of Capt McCrea. But I can’t find a suitable pose of him for the avvy. :frowning:

Thanks :smiley: ! I love your latest bunch! Although, I have to be honest. I had no idea what “All Your Base” meant. So I couldn’t really appreciate it. But it was good none-the-less. I love the rest, though! I thought the one with the tomato was hilarious! The look on Remy’s face, it’s just AWESOME :slight_smile: ! And Skinner and his “magic hat” :laughing: . That one was pretty good. You have beautiful hand writing, by the way :wink: .

You know, you kinda remind me of my best friend. Don’t know why, but if I didn’t know better, I’d think she started up an account without telling me :laughing: !

Anyway, awesome job :smiley: ! Can’t wait for your next batch!

wow! love the latest little chef :wink:

Violet Parr: All Your Base is a throw to a very poorly translated SNES videogame known as Zero Wing, it turned into an internet meme. It’s more notable among gamers, and the game itself has HORRIBLE English, it’s actually quite funny to read.

Again, excellent job with this batch little_chef, I look forward to seeing more! And I especially can’t wait to see your Wall•E project when it’s finished!

ffdude1906: Horrible? Even though I do speak a little of broken English, it’s preposterous! LOL

Thanks for clarifying that, ffdude1906 :slight_smile: !

Again, awesome graphics, little chef :smiley: ! Can’t wait for the next batch!

In case you guys didn’t notice before, I left an explanation of “All Your Base” at the bottom of my post of the last batch. Apparently, no one noticed. :unamused: Oh well…

Anyhow, I have a few avvies made for the wonderful wannabechef91! :smiley: I know you finally decided on ones of Captain McCrea, but I went ahead and made some of Emile as well:

And here are the ones of the Captain (the first one is my personal favorite, and the last one is a “revamp” of an older one I did):

Enjoy! Hope you like 'em! :wink:

little chef

I did notice it :wink: . I was just saying that, well, I’m not that into video games, I had never heard of it before, and I just couldn’t appreciate it for what it meant. Thanks, though :slight_smile: .

Sweet avatars, BTW :smiley: ! I like the “We’ll see who’s powerless now” one.

You have a LOT of sigs man, haha they all look great! I like the “apple car” one.

I <3 Mac

Haha, those new avvies look amazing. I think wannabechef is gonna love em! Kudos to your creativity! :wink:

fan himself. Freaked out. Uh-oh O-M-G!!!

That. Is. So. WICKED. Thanks a BUNCH little_chef!

Simply what I really imagined. Thanks little_chef!

Oh my, I can’t really how to thank you more than words. Oh my…oh my…

yeah, I freaked out

I’m so glad you guys like them, especially wannabechef91! :smiley: Haha, I made someone have a spaz attack… score one for me!!! xDDD

But seriously - I’m glad you like them. I felt like I didn’t put enough effort into them. :frowning: But… to know that they made your day makes me feel really good. I’m glad I could interest you in a new siggy as well - that’s one of my favorites. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what kind of time I’ll be having to make more, but I’d really like to make some Up ones. I’d rather wait until the movie comes out though, so I can get some high-quality and original shots. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m so sick of seeing the same images being used over and over in siggys and avvies. :unamused:

little chef

Don’t feel so bad about it, I really love the avvies and siggies! Hope you’ll make more of these!! A nicer one too!

That’s my attitude towards sigs and avvies little_chef, it’s kind of irritating seeing the same character renders on every sig. That’s why I use frames from trailers, bonus clips, and the like. If you notice, my current sig has Carl from the First Aid Upisode, and the rest are from the movie (well, from pre-release clips, but you get the idea.) Plus, I think the frams from the movie look better anyway, they fit with the environments they’re in better, making a sig much easier to look nice.

I have a erm…request. And I hate asking for things, but…

I need some really good screencaps from WALL•E. Like, really high quality. Just your basic scenes I guess, the most poignant moments of the movie, and a few of the main characters. One in particular I’m thinking of is EVE right after her ship flies away and she’s considering taking off, and the other is AUTO when A113 flashes on his lens for the first time after scanning EVE.

Now the reason I ask is because I just re-downloaded my digital copy of the movie, which I used to get all my screencaps off of, and the quality is worse than I remember. :frowning: I need to make some promo sigs for both Psyche as well as me and AUTOA113’s fanfic collab, so I’d like to have some nice shots to work with.

Anyone know of someone who could get me high-quality caps? I’ll be digging online today, but if you have any good ones already or know of someone who does, I’d appreciate it a lot. Hopefully I can get some of those graphics made up this week. :smiley:

Thank you!

little chef

I could try to lend a hand I guess, I don’t know if you’re looking for HD type quality but it’s gotta be close to it…

Check out my sigs for an idea. Though some of my editing makes it a little hard,about 98% of my sigs are personal screencaps (yes I own every Pixar movie DVD to date) that I’ve taken so you be the judge…:wink:

Let me know…:-D)


Those are my three of my favorite siggies, right next to “…and died…”.

Hope to see more; they are amazing!!! :wink: