Graphics by the infamous -red-

Hi guys! I’ve moved! … not very far away, but still! It’s my own, personal thread now… yays! :smiley:

All right - first and foremost I’ll be putting up like, a whole ton of my older graphics; hopefully in as much of a chronological order as I possibly can. :wink: Enjoy, and I’ll separate avvies from siggys as well.

Note that for a lot of my older graphics, the avvies weren’t cropped to fit the 100x100 specification, so they may seem either abnormally small or abnormally large. :laughing:

Also take note that a lot of these are inside jokes; so if you fail to understand some, just keep that in mind…



Part two later… which will include my more recent stuff. Stay tuned, and enjoy the old stuff you probaby never had a chance to see before… :wink:

little chef / -red-

Holy crap, little chef! Those are awesome :smiley: ! That was a lot! They’re all great. I found myself howling at them several times. “The Many faces of Remy” is adorable! “Push Here” was hilarious :laughing: ! The “Signs of Insanity” series was too funny! And “My Holy Toque” was accompanied by a hilarious facial expression from Linguini. Other ones that I liked were “Finest Views of Pris”, the one were you pasted Remy into Jack-Jack Attack, “Nice Pants”… Wait a second. Was that one of the inside jokes, because if it comes from what I think it comes from, I get it. Did you happen to get that from “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”, were Colin starts the running joke of “nice pants”? Anyway, I also liked the one of Remy and his dad, when he says, “Dad, I can’t find the bathroom…!”, “Guys like girls who can BURP!”, “Sicko.” with WALL-E, “You hurteds my feelers.”, and “And Now We Dance!” You have major talent for choosing tag-lines, and for altering images. I can’t wait for the next batch :slight_smile: ! Keep up the great work :smiley: !

I really love all of them little chef. It is always a joy to read your cute, clever, and humorous taglines. I you got a talent for creating avatars and siggys. Keep up the great work. You deserve a pat on the back from all of us.

That’s insane! I don’t even think I knew what Pixar was back in '07. :confused: Here you were, making all these awesome sigs and avatars. I can’t wait to see what else I missed.

OMG that’s a crazy amazing load of graphics!! I remember quite a few of them, some of them I recognized just now, and some others I either missed or have forgotten over time. Awesomely funny jokes on a lot of them. I just took a little swim through the whole collection right now, and the ones that stood out to me are: “Happy Birthday” (w/ Linguini),
-“The water balloon told me to do it!”,
-“I’ve gots a poison apple”,
-“Push here”,
-“Life’s full of choices”,
-“Sign of insanity- electricity tastes good”,
-“Ego sighed, said ‘Thank you for the meal’ and died without another word” [creepy-ish rewrite, but yet so funny!]
-“Hug me”
-“Intellegence- Things always work out better in your head”
-“You got me feeling so fly!” [perfect carefree caption for the shot!]
-“Often times it happens that the greatest miracles come in the smallest of sizes” [inspirational!]
-“At the world’s stage, you just keep messing up your act” [perfect shot of the scene of Linguini’s pathetic speech!]
-“This little piggy ate an old wrapper” [so cute/funny!]
-“OMG There’s a rat in the house!” (I like the crossover with Kari!)

I’m glad you brought back my memories of these back to a fresh new thread. Your sense of humor is really great, can really help one lighten up and laugh, and creativity’s nothing short of awesome. I wish I could understand some of your in-jokes, though, because they appear to me as random but I really do want to get it. (Such as “THE TREE!” ? Man, I’d like to hear the story behind that…)

I know you’ve been making these for so long now, even before you got your own account, but seeing these altogether in one post is…Wow…overwhelming but in a good way!! I mean, it’s incredible to see that you’ve made sooo much!!

I love these! My favorite would have to be the Doc one that says “You don’t wanna learn the hard way that I really DO know kung-fu.” That is too hilarious!!! I wonder what the backstory could be to that one! XD I also like the one with Lightning that says, “This is the CDA. Come out slowly with the child in plain site.” XD These are all funny actually! At least the ones I understand. Like you said, some are in-jokes. Hey, can I use the above-mentioned Doc signature? I’ll give you credit for it! I need something better than that Danny Phantom picture I’m using.

applauds well done! They all look very good and a number of them made me laugh. I especially like the ones that are cross referencing, like Lightning & the CDA and Doc going 'Lets do this thing!"

Nice work! So many sigs!

Thanks, everyone! :smiley: I really appreciate the awesome comments!

I’ve got a load of newer ones that I’ll put up, just to have them here in my gallery, and later on I’ll be putting up some new ones that I made just last week. For now, I’m just putting up the avvies, because there are so many, then I’ll do another post with the rest of the older siggys. Enjoy!


Again, if you want to use any of these at any time, or for any reason, you’re more than welcome to do so; just make sure to either let me know or credit me for it. That’s all I ask. Thanks!!! :wink:

little chef

Wow! Those are hilarious!

I’d have to say ‘Push Here’ and ‘and Died…’ are my favorites…

And I think I may use an avatar if you don’t mind. :smiley:

thewisecookiesheet: I’m glad you liked them! And no, I don’t mind at all… that’s the reason I make 'em! :wink:

I have to say, that avvie is probably one of my favorites, too. xDD Nice choice…

little chef

You have a lot of really great graphics! You seem to have quite the knack for these things! Keep it up! Can’t wait to see more. :smiley:

Finally, the last of the old siggys, then I’ll be able to upload the newest avvies and siggys I’ve made! (The only reason why I’m posting up all of them is so my full gallery is here on the front page, and people will be able to look at my stuff in a chronological order. :wink:)

If I haven’t mentioned it before (I probably have), a lot of these are based off of random inside jokes by my sister and I, so if you don’t understand a siggy, it’s probably attributed to an inside joke of sorts. :unamused:

Here we go… as always, enjoy, and don’t hesitate to use one, just make sure to ask! :smiley:


(Psyche fans now know where this line came from! :wink:)

[size=167]Fanfic promo sigs[/size]
[size=125](For my fanfics and others)

little chef

Awesome, little chef :slight_smile: ! Those are INCREDIBLE! My favorite sig was probably “Please don’t scare me. I’m paranoid.” Actually, would you mind if I wear that one for a little while? I love it so freaking much! That’s too cute! Keep up the great work, little chef :smiley: !

Very cool. I love the ones with the WALL-E concept art. Those are adorable.

Violet: No problem, and it looks wonderful on you! :smiley:

lennonluvr9: I…actually scanned them right out of my copy of The Art of WALL•E:laughing: But I think they look amazing, too. They are definitely pieces worth wearing as signatures!

And now… for some of my newest siggys and avvies made in Photoshop CS3! :smiley: I think there’s only one avvie, though. Some of these are a little large, but they are automatically resized when worn.

(The font in this siggy… is my own handwriting. Seriously.)

(And there too. :smiley:)

And last but not least, a little “series” of sigs I’d like to call,
[size=134]The All Your Base Series[/size]

In case you were clueless there, “all your base are belong to us” is a widely known internet meme made famous by the horrible translation of a video game. I just saw these frames from several Pixar movies and said to myself, “it would be hilarious if you saw “ALL YOUR BASE” there…” So I tried it. I’d like to see a whole bunch of other graphics artists contribute to this “series”… we could make a site-wide series of “All your base” sigs… that would be so sick!!! :smiley:

Anyhow, enjoy!

little chef

Oh, I remember that avvie! It was what you used when you first started on the forums, right? (I just have a memory like that). And I’m really liking the magic hat one! It’s hillarious!!! :laughing: Definately one of my favorites! And The All Your Base Series is really clever also. These are really nice! Your really talented with your work. Good Job! :smiley:

Cool little chef! Mind if I use Ratatouille’s “All your base are belong to us”?

mo: Actually, that is a revamp of the first avvie I ever wore, but WOW you have a sharp memory!!! :laughing: I bet no one else would have remembered that…! When I made up the tagline for the “magic hat” siggy and told it to my sister, she looked at me like… “…oookay.”

That is one of my personal favorites as well. Thanks for all the compliments! :smiley:

wannabechef91: Oh yeah, I’d love it if you wore one my siggys! It makes me feel special to know that my work is good enough to be used by others, so by all means, if it suits your fancy, wear it! :slight_smile: All I ask is that if anyone wants to use one, either ask me first or, if you don’t ask, at least credit in your signature box. Simple stuff.

I should be making up some new promo sigs for my fanfic here soon; right now I’m wearing the latest one I’ve made, but I’ll post them all at the same time when I’m finished making a bunch.

little chef

Thanks little chef!