Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is a new cartoon on Disney Channel which premiered on June 29 2012. Now, i know what your thinking, Disney Channel has gone downhill with the sitcoms and what-not (With the exception of Phineas and Ferb). But this show is REALLY good! It has great humor, memorable characters, and good animation. And it actually has a continuing story which makes it really interesting.

So what are your thoughts?

I’ve only watched the first episode so far but I liked it a lot, especially since DC hasn’t had any shows I’ve liked in a long time! The character designs are appealing, and the animation is really smooth. I’m eagerly anticipating watching the rest. :smiley: Good on ya, Disney Channel!

When I first heard of it, I had no idea what to expect, but after seeing one trailer for it, it was love at first sight! I was laughing out loud at the first commercial I saw! And ever since the show premiered I have become really really obsessed with it! I love the characters, the style, the humor, the storylines… one word to describe it is “WOW”. Now I watch it every chance I get! Oh, and the show’s creator Alex Hirsch? He is so cool! I don’t really know how quite to explain why I think he’s such a great animation visionary, but maybe this Animation Magazine article will clarify my thoughts. … eird-side/
This show is so much more amazing than I ever thought it would be… EPIC WIN! XD

I adore this show. I love the premise, the characters, and stories. It’s fantastic.

ObsessedWithPixar: Thanks for sharing that link! I did not know that Alex was that young! Wow, 26!

It took me a while, but I like Gravity Falls a lot. The first episode I watched was the Halloween special (bad idea). But now I’m used to the characters and, yeah. It’s a good show. Not my favorite, but still good. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you enjoy it! :slight_smile: I love Mabel especially. I really can’t wait for it to return, it’s been so long since a new episode! :frowning:

Oh, if anyone’s read the rant I posted on the GF thread in the Disney section, you guys probably think I’m insane. And yes, I am. :smiley: I’m glad that we have mutual feelings on our love of it, EJE and Leirin! And even if it’s not your favorite, K9Girl, I’m glad you like it anyway! So yeah… I hope the show comes back soon! You guys should see the Mabel and Dipper fandoms over on DisneyCreate! (Of course, I do my contribution!)

Apparently it will come back in early 2013. :smiley:

Uh oh, there’s another GF thread? I’d better delete one!

I’m glad to see that the show was well recieved here! I also like its following on tumblr.

What’s DisneyCreate? And yeah, I’m glad it’s popular (and apparently coming back pretty soon)! I want them to make toys. 8D My desk could use a Mabel action figure…

^DisneyCreate (or just Create) is an art community on the Disney website that supplies online drawing apps (along with other sorts) so you can draw stuff and share it with friends. It’s kind of like deviantArt, but safer and easier. That’s where I do pretty much all of my art! Here’s a link in case you’re interested
And yes, I can’t wait for the Gravity Falls merch to come out! I’m hoping for not only action figures, but some legit Mabel sweaters! :mrgreen: