Gravity Falls

Do we not have a thread for this show yet?? I’ve looked around and it doesn’t seem like it. I’m in disbelief. It’s so good!

I haven’t watched every episode yet, but it’s very solid, and I actually like almost all of the characters, which is rare in tv comedies for me. On top of that, the animation and character design is good too!

So discuss! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Gravity Falls! I feel it’s very daring for the network. For a company that always tries to show you the moral to the story, the episode that stated Revenge feels great, that had me sold. They need more of these shows and I will gladly work on it xD

I love this show. I love the art direction, character design, and how some of the jokes are kind of dark. The episode with the 2D arcade fighter brought to life is one of my favorites. My favorite episode is the one when Dipper and a group of kids visit that abandoned convenience store.

I was really into it initially, but I’m contemplating whether or not I’ll pick it up again after the hiatus is over. It’s turned Dipper’s crush into the main focus of the story. Even if episodes revolve around mystery, its only because of a situation or misconception involving Wendy as a love interest. Even Alex Hirsch stated there were some story problems during the first season.

I don’t know man. It could always get better, but I’m a bit sad if this is how it’s going to be for the rest of Season 1.

While watching the last episode recently, I did realize that the mystery isn’t the focus of the show anymore. I thought it would be like the latest Scooby Doo cartoon. No matter what goes on in that show, the mystery of Crystal Cove plays a part in each episode. But I’m still enjoying that show because of the fun characters, so I’ll continue to watch.

What was the cause of the hiatus? I feel like I’m dying…sort of. I guess I was so blinded by the fact that I love mystery that I didn’t even notice the focus on Wendy xD

From what I’ve seen so far (which is 3 episodes) it’s not bad. I wasn’t crazy about it at first but now I’m starting to like it more. :slight_smile:

AH MAH GOODNESS, I LOVE THIS SHOW TO PIECES. IT’S LIKE, ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITEST SHOWS EVARH. Sorry about that. But IT’S SO TRUE! The emotion is so deep, the characters so wonderful, the stories are compelling… I love everything about it and every single episode. And I wish not to hear any discontent over Dippendy! :angry: YES I AM WAY TOO OBSESSED I KNOW. IT’S ACTUALLY AT PIXAR-LEVEL OF OBSESSION. WHICH IS LIKE, THE FARTHEST MY OBSESSION CAN REACH. I DO NOT KID. I AM ACTUALLY QUIVERING NOW 'CAUSE I’M SO INTO THIS SHOW AND LOVE IT SO MUCH <3 <3 <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

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Love" /> :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
What can I say? It’s just irresistaaaabllllle!!! X3 Gravity Falls forevah

I think it’s the usual hiatus that all shows have.

I thought it was pretty odd. That had episode- episode- week or 2 break- episode- and then who knows when the next episode will be. I find it a bit annoying that they don’t have set dates and leave people hanging.

I kind of agree that I don’t like Dipper’s crush on Wendy being the focus of the show, but that could just be something going on at the moment that won’t always be the case. I hope so, at least. I just like the Scooby Doo-esque mystery element a whole lot and want that to be the focus. :slight_smile:

Time to bump this topic now that Season 2 is airing…

Thoughts?? These new episodes are great!

The premiere was AMAZING. I was so excited upon watching it. Season 2 kind of has a darker feel to it so far, but I think it’s gonna be awesome. :sunglasses:

Yeah! I think the show is always able to balance darker aspects with really genuinely funny and even heartwarming parts, so I have no concerns. Soos in particular has been especially hilarious :laughing:

I absolutely LOVE Gravity Falls. The show impressed me with its branching story despite its goofy cover. Mabel and Soos are probably my favorite characters, their wackiness really makes this show.

Okay, I’m done. :blush:

Admittedly, I wasn’t impressed with Gravity Falls when it first came to the German Disney Channel; the character design in particular threw me off. But I nevertheless gave it a chance and it grew on me and now I adore Gravity Falls :slight_smile:
Hopefully, season 2 will air soon.

Season 2 is upon us! Really good so far.

Yes, the new season 2 episodes are great! Really enjoyed that last one—it’s funny because I watched it during a plane trip, and the next day I ended up going mini-golfing. :laughing:

We’re getting toward the end of season 2 and wow has a lot happened! Some theories have been right while others have been wrong. It seems season 2 will be the last unless it takes place after summer or the next summer. So I’m guessing it might end in a few months and then have movie sometimes next year. I only got into the show last year so it saddens me that it’s ending so soon after discovering it.

I’m really going to miss this show.