Guitarlynn53's Graphics

Hi i also wanted to post some of my graphics here that i make using GIMP, Hope you guys like them.for my first graphic i’m posting my first gimp graphic creation (it wasn’t done very good)

Nice work! But, wouldn’t you have a little bit more success with cropping the glasses with photshop? theres a tool called the magnetic lasso, where you can practicly encircle that thing, flawlessly!

Your sunglasses image is cool!

just some new graphics :smiley:

sorry i forgot one more graphic :slight_smile:

I really like the Disneyland one, I’m a big Disney fan. Those pictures on it, did you take them yourself?

Nice collage! But, i can see some basic issues your having with cropping, such as the boat in the old testament quote, but still, nice how your persistent with your work!

Thanks ellie-jessie-eve

oh and yes i did take the disney pics,

I’m glad you liked it:D