Happy 35th Anniversary, Pixar!

Today is Pixar’s 35th anniversary! Sadly this topic will probably get buried in spam, but if anyone finds this topic, feel free to talk about your favorite Pixar movies, memories, fun facts, and more! :smiley:

…aaaaannnddd another spam post is reported… sigh :unamused:

Wow, 35 years for the whole studio already – and only a few months after Toy Story’s 25th anniversary, too!

Anyways, my top 3 favorite Pixar movies are WALL-E, The Incredibles, and Cars. I cry the hardest at Inside Out, and last year’s release of Onward just gave me a whole another reason for being proud to be a Pisces.

But Soul? I’m glad it’s getting a Blu-Ray release. (Which no one on this site’s blog seems to have written about yet for some reason!)

And as for Luca? No one really knows for sure yet on where it’ll end up: In the movie theater? Or just going straight to Disney Plus? Again, no one really knows. But I look forward to seeing it regardless… :wink: