Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!

Today, June 29th, 2010, marks Ratatouille’s third anniversary! Congratulations to Pixar, Brad Bird, and the rest of the team who brought us this amazing film!

Bonne anniversaire, Ratatouille! Merci beaucoup, Pixar et Brad Bird, pour un film tres extraodinnaire!

Yay Ratatouille! This is my second favorite Pixar film. I love it so much :slight_smile:

I remember seeing Ratatouille three times in the movie theater! Ratatouille was the movie that got me interestined in one of my favorite passions: Culinary Arts! After seeing this movie, I signed up for a Cooking class at my school. I completed that year, and then got accepted to be in my High School’s Culinary Arts academy! (we got chef outfits and cooked at events. I never really cooked at events, I was a better waitress! But I love cooking)

Anyway, thank you Pixar, Brad Bird, and Ratatouille! For helping me find one thing I really enjoy! :slight_smile:

I saw Ratatouille on opening day because it was my birthday, and that’s the only movie I’ve ever seen on opening day!! :smiley: :smiley: I love this movie

A very happy birthday to my all-time favourite Pixar film! You have truly bettered my life with your existence. :smiley:

Happy birthday to the best Pixar film, and possibly the best film, period.

I know I am two months late, but happy anniversary!

Since I really don’t feel like making a new thread, I’m gonna use this one to say happy 4th birthday to Ratatouille. Yet another one of Brad’s masterpieces and a great film.

Joyeux anniversaire to the Pixar film that changed my life forever. I can’t believe it’s been four years. Every year that goes by, this movie only continues to become more and more special and dear to my heart. I believe it to be one of Pixar’s greatest achievements, and I applaud Brad Bird for pulling together such a wonderful and touching film.

2007 was one of the best years of my life because of this movie. Thank you, Pixar. :heart:

little chef

I remember seeing this movie thrice in theatres! Good times.

Well happy 4th anniversary to Ratatouille! That’s one movie that really grew on me

Happy 4th Ratatouille. It’s really 4 years old now?

Ratatouille’s anniversary happens on my birthday! :smiley: I feel really pathetic for missing it’s anniversary. Well, yay! The only movie I ever saw on its opening day, and I wish I still had the ticket stub. :frowning: I love this movie.

Can’t believe I missed this, but better than late than never!

Well, this movie was important to me because I watched it back when I was youthful and idealistic about my prospects of working in the film industry. Back then I was just in my first year of uni and I watched this with my first group of real-friends since elementary school. We were a tight bunch, but over the years, some of us left the country (some were even compelled to by less-than-legal circumstances!). But in that theatre in the fall (or rather, spring) of 2007, when I was still wide-eyed and innocent, we all sat and watched Pixar work its magic and inspire us to greater pursuits. Even my Pixar-skeptic friends were won over by this heartwarming fable.

Watching Ratatouille is like being given a shot of optimism and hope. And now that I’m older, wiser, and presumably more cynical, I need to recapture some of that enthusiasm and the courage to follow my dreams that I have lost since then.

Thank you, Jan Pinkava, Brad Bird, Lou Romano, Patton Oswalt, Peter O’Toole, Michael Giacchino and the many fine voice actors, animators, scriptwriters and fine men and women at Pixar for telling such a wonderful tale of the rat that could.

Happy 4th Anniversary, Ratatouille!