Have you seen this episode of Arthur?

I thought this would interest a lot of us at the forum, as we seem to have quite a collection of people with high functioning forms of Autism. This episode of Arthur is about a boy with Asperger’s. Glenn found it. I think it’s really interesting to me that they made an episode of a kid’s show about this particular subject. I think it’s amazing, and I like how they represent the quirks of the disorder.

youtube.com/watch?feature=p … smjwHW40ps

I just watched this the other day on PBS. This episode can relate to me since I have a similar disorder like that kid had.

I actually have Asperger’s, so I feel like a jerk, but I laughed at how he reacted to the giraffe. It just seemed totally unprovoked to me. But, when I was younger and less adapted(sadly, you can either adapt, or be ostracized as a freak forever :stuck_out_tongue:) I was totally freaked out by bad grammar and spelling. It still makes me mad.

I have it too, so it will be interesting to watch. I can’t right now, so I will later.