Hawaiian Vacation (Toy Story Toon)

Oh, thanks for reminding me! Yes, that was very funny.

I really enjoyed this short, I think Ken is just so funny he was one of my fav parts of TS3 and the short. Also enjoyed seeing more of Bonnie’s toys.

I’m excited to see Hawaiian Vacation in IMAX tomorrow for my Cars 2 rewatch. Unfortunately, my theatre-mate for the first viewing took his time for dinner, so we were late and only caught like the last minute or so of the short (We saw Ken and Barbie fall into the swimming pool). So I’m really pumped to see Woody and the Gang’s epic Hawaiian trip (Did I tell you I just love Hawaii?) in its entirety and share my thoughts about it. But skimming through the posts here (I"m not reading ‘em cos’ I don’t want to be spoiled), I’m quite hopeful that it will impress me more than their last feature films did. :slight_smile:

I loved this short! It is probably my favourite short film.[spoil]I love Ken’s reaction when he finds out that they are not in Hawaii. I also loved the first kiss and how they fall into the snow and end up being frozen. I love how the other toys are trying to free them from the ice at the the end.[/spoil] It was a 10 out of 10 for me.

I love how the toys take pictures. ‘Click Click!’ 8D

Me too. I thought that was a great idea.

I loved the short! Andy’s toys are certainly not bored at Bonnie’s house. More jokes about Ken, of course, poor guy won’t be left alone :smiley: I don’t know why, but the best line for me was [spoil]Mr. Potato Head’s deadpan remark before Ken and Barbie fell into the snow[/spoil]. And I was glad to see that Andy’s toys still manage to keep up their amazing teamwork! :wink: