Hawaiian Vacation (Toy Story Toon)

So, now that the short is out at the movies, I thought I’d make a new topic! (I hope that’s okay, moderators?)

For those of you who’ve seen it, what are your thoughts? I thought it was hilarious. :slight_smile: [spoil]Barbie and Ken’s kiss at the end, followed by their fall in the snow - priceless.[/spoil]

[spoil]I also liked the convo between Woody and Slinky at the beginning about Checkers. It was a great little throwback to the first film. And of course, Spanish Buzz just had to make a comeback. It seems Buzz can switch between his “modes” at will now! And oh god, I loved Rex’s “dream” MMORPG character. :laughing:

It was certainly a fast-paced short - I can hardly believe how many jokes they managed to pack into only a few minutes. It was also very beautifully animated. It’s one of those films I’m going to keep re-watching, methinks![/spoil]

I’m certainly looking forwards to more Toy Story shorts in the future.

Agree w/ everything above! I was quite happy with this short, it made me laugh several times and it just had a great vibe and spirit about it. My daughter loved it too and was happy to see those characters again. Good stuff!

Honestly, this short was one of my favorites ever. So many amazing jokes and throwbacks to previous movies packed into the short amount of time.

[spoil]I loved when the little green men were auditioning for Mr. Pricklepants! :laughing:[/spoil]

Well, bear in mind that right before that scene, Jessie is holding a screwdriver. Also, when one of the toys turned ‘Shark Week’ on, I think it would have been funnier if you saw one of the sharks from Finding Nemo.

Oh really? I totally missed that! :laughing: I’ll have to watch out for it next time I see the short.

Personally, I feel emotionally connected to this short, given that I spent a good 5 years of my life in Hawaii for college. I laughed so hard at Rex-the-Hawaii-state-bird and Mr-Pricklepant-the-Hawaii-state-fish that people actually turned around and gave me looks. Anyway… did I say I love this short yet?

The short is gorgeous, I loved it!


Definetly not a dissappointment. I actually kept from watching that preview they released this whole time…

I definetly loved the checkers thing, and every joke was quality. Buzz’s dancing made me lol yet again. I can’t believe how far these characters have come, I wish they would keep these shorts up for a lot of movies, but I know they’re gonna stick some orignals to the rest.

Oh, my gosh, I loved every single moment of this! I’m gonna put a spoiler tag here so I don’t spoil for anyone (the more spoiler-free you go into this, the better, I think).

Too many funny, charming things to list, but: I LOVED Buzz’s Hawaiian “Fire Dance” - funny and awesome at the same time. Ken’s Funny Walk never gets old, and he is as Cool and Groovy as ever. Rex’s RPG character, Potato Head’s “deal me in,” the reveal of what was for “dinner,” all had me laughing out loud. I loved getting to see Bonnie again, however briefly, and I loved how her toys have been incorporated into the group: I really am kind of a Woody/Dolly shipper, and I really love the pairing of Hamm and Buttercup as these dry, bantering, regular-guy Buddies. Oh, and I think this resolves once and for all that Bonnie’s family has a cat.

I hope they keep finding ways to use the Toy Story characters, as long as they can make things as good as this.

I’m a very quiet person. If a movie makes me laugh, it is seriously funny, because I almost never laugh at movies. (or in this case, short films)
I laughed twice at this thing. :laughing: The way all the toys made this homemade Hawaii was very clever and funny. It was cool to see Bonnie’s toys, Ken & Barbie, and of course, Spanish Buzz again. :slight_smile:

I was not in a romantic mood at the moment, so when Barbie and Ken were kissing, I was cringing, eating a Twizzler, and thinking “Oh, dear, what’s going to happen next?”
And then they had that epic fall into the snow, and I started laughing. :laughing: That was easily one of my favorite parts of the short, if not my favorite.

I enjoyed it. I thought it was very amusing. Buzz definitely gave me a lot of laughs. It almost seemed like a spoof of Disney’s Polynesian Resort :wink:

I loved the short! It was hilarious! I loved that we got to see more Spanish Buzz. Each character had their own chance to shine, which was great. The theater when I saw it was almost full, and there was hardly a moment where the audience wasn’t laughing!






That will never stop being awesome/funny.

I loved this short! It was great seeing how all the characters were settling in at Bonnie’s. I mean, I know we got a taste of that at the end, but something felt reassuring about coming back and seeing it one more time. I hope we get more of these toons!

I love that Hamm and Buttercup have apparently become BFFs. I want a short/fic/something about their mischievous, sarcastic adventures.

And does anybody else get the vibe that Dolly is kinda making her way up in the character importance ranks? This seemed to confirm what was hinted at in TS3 about her being the leader of Bonnie’s original toy group.

Even if I’m wrong, she’s at the least climbing up my favorite character ranks. She’s so fun and I really want more stories with her!

Oh, and I love that Jessie still yells at Buzz/acts all BFF towards him even though after the last movie, they’re probably in a relationship. All is right with the world. XD[/spoiler]

^ Everything you said!

[spoil]It was amazing how much they got into this short, like everyone said. So many jokes. And it was so fastpaced, I feel like I have to watch it again! It was great though, I loved every minute.[/spoil]

This short was so cute! I hope for more Toy Story shorts, since “Toy Toons” implies it might be a series.

I adored this short so much! It was carefree and fun, and it was great to see the gang together on a new adventure.

Loved it! Could very well be one of my favorite feature-based shorts. So great being able to see Bonnie and Andy’s toys going on silly escapades again.

This is my favorite movie-based short, and one of my favorites period. Personally, I think I liked this short better than TS3 itself. It was funny, and sweet, and the[spoil]poop[/spoil]joke made my day. 8D

What was it again, I forgot!

It was something to the effect of [spoil]they were using kitty litter as a prop and Spanish Buzz made a statement that they cleaned all the poop out of it.[/spoil] Well, I would certainly hope so!