Help identifying a song

Hey everyone,

I haven’t been on this site for a while, but I was wondering if any of the members here could help me identify a song. It was part of the background music in a couple episodes of Eureka Seven, and it seemed really familiar but I couldn’t place it. I eventually realized I had heard it in a Bionicle video game, but that can’t have been its original source.

Here it is in Eureka Seven:
[url]Eureka seveN OST 1 // The Ego's Accidental Firing - YouTube

And here it is from the Bionicle game:
[url]Charred Forest - MNOLG Soundtrack - YouTube

Any music fans recognize this tune? I’m trying to find what its called and where it came from originally.


I don’t know, but I know that there’s an app called Shazam that helps identify songs. I’m sure there’s other such programs online.