Here After

I’m back to the fiction board with my latest! :laughing: Another Cars one. :smiley: I’ll give you a quick run-down and then jump right into the first chapter. So, this is a short fic set after the first movie and I’m telling you now, if you have read my other work then you will be surprised. This is unlike anything I’ve written so far. I chose to work with humanized characters, first person point of view and present tense. Different subject matter and a very different style to it as well. I like trying new things and while this isn’t my favourite way to write I thought it was a good challenge to take on. With that said, if you enjoyed my previous work and not this then I will totally understand. Quick description of the plot…not much I can say without spoiling most of the story. You basically just have to read it and see where it goes! :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s get started!


Chapter One
“Truthful Eyes”

(Sally’s POV)

My heart stops as I squint into the sunlight. My eyes glue onto the jumbo-tron television and I watch McQueen’s car flip out of the corner and towards the grass. It twists and turns so many times I swear it will never stop, and with every impact to the ground I gasp and cringe.

When the race car stops rolling, it’s lying roof down. The smoke rises out of it, creating a sheath around it that blocks any sight of the car. My knees turn weak and I feel Sarge’s strong hands bracing my shoulders to keep me upright on trembling legs. There’s so much noise all around me in the pits, though I hear it, I don’t listen. All I can think about is my boyfriend in that beaten and battered car.

My entire body shakes as I watch the rescue crew race out towards the flaming vehicle. The grandstands are ominously quiet for a crowd of over 150,000 fans. I see people sobbing and a small family with their heads bowed in prayer. My heart aches upon the sight, and I can only hope that whatever God they are praying to will bless their souls. I’d say a prayer if I could, but I’m speechless. I can’t find a single word until Doc brings me back into reality.

He leaps from his podium and tosses aside the headset from his peppered hair. He grips my forearm with such strength that I meet his blue eyes with alarm.

He drags me forcefully in the direction of the pit area exit, leaving the others behind us.

“Doc?! Doc! Stop! Where are we going? Lightning-,” I cry out with fear and confusion.

“We’re not letting that ambulance leave without us!” he yells back as I continue to trip clumsily in attempt to keep up.

“Wh-what about Mater?” I protest, looking quickly over my shoulder. The team is already lost in the folds of swarming people.

“No, he can’t handle this,” Doc pauses outside a gate and places both hands on my arms. He searches my face for a minute, then tells me, “Be brave, Sally.”

Inside the jolting ambulance, both Doc and I sit solemnly. Lightning lies still on the stretcher between us. His short, dark brown hair is mussed and a mask is strapped over his nose and mouth. The brilliant blue eyes I love so much are sunken in his swarthy skin behind closed lids.

I reach for his cold hand and intertwine my fingers with his; I press my warm palm to his flesh. I squeeze tightly and look up to Doc who is resting a hand on Lightning’s shoulder. I slowly read the truth from his eyes; this is the end.

K, I know the first chapter is extremely short, but they do get longer! Not a whole lot, but longer than this. Oh, and POV means 'point of view' just in case anyone was wondering.  :laughing:  *starts sweating nervously* It's always a bit nerve-wracking putting out a new piece, but let me know what you thought and if there is any interest in reading more. Thanks so much.  :slight_smile:

Well, you already know my thoughts on it :wink: but I’ll just sum it up and say again that I love it. <3

I thought the first chapter was great! Oh, and I love your new Puss in Boots signature.

Wowzers! I was totally not expecting this! :open_mouth: I’m loving it though! Totally different style of writing, and you’ve nailed it. :wink: :-D) I’m really liking the kind of detail you’re putting in it too, something not always possible with your previous works. I’m a little partial to the beginning though… not quite sure why, I think it’s how you started out by saying “Sally’s P.O.V.”. It just felt a little distracting. I can get over that though. :wink: And… is McQueen dead? o_0 If so, then this is really going to be different! :laughing: I can’t wait to read the rest! :mrgreen:

Looks up and feels a bit out of place for writing the only long review so far 8D :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everybody! I told you it would be different, Jonah! And don’t feel bad. 8D SallyMcQueen got a special early preview (she’s kind of like my amazing Beta <3) and Ballboi always keeps his reviews short and sweet. :wink: The POV thing was only in there to make it clear who is speaking, it will be more necessary for future chapters. McQueen’s fate will be revealed next chapter… :sunglasses:

Edit: And thanks for the compliment on my siggy! I saw the movie last weekend. I love Puss, and Kitty even more! <3 Oh, and I’m almost at 2000 posts! Does that mean I’ll get a new title soon? :3

Yep. You’ll get the “Master Scarer” forum rank, which is the same as me.

Yus! :mrgreen: Oh, and new chapter should be out tomorrow, I’m off school! Woot!

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Chapter Two
“Death & Dignity”

(Sally’s POV)

One month later…

It was a collapsed lung that took Lightning’s life. Of course, it wasn’t really that which took him. It was the undying passion for his sport, it was the risk he took stepping foot on the track, it was the freak accident with no one to blame. And after he’d turned his life around so much, became a better version of himself…why it had to be him I’d never understand.

The formal funeral sat like a blurred childhood memory in my mind. Who would want to remember that type of thing anyway? The residents of Radiator Springs, we fought long and hard for permission to bury Lightning out under Willy’s Butte.

With the general funeral over, the sole populace of town decide to meet and hold a private remembrance ceremony. We gather on a cool, cloudy evening around the single gravestone. Red grieves openly and Mater drapes his arm around me while Doc reads in strain from a ratty piece of paper. My straight strawberry blonde hair blows in wisps across my face, but I never once steal my eyes away from my lover’s headstone. And as Doc drones on about tragic loss and a better place, I feel something stir in my heart. Bitter fury and cold indifference grows from within me.

My eyes tear to Ramone holding Flo closely. My thoughts seethe with rage. How can it be fair that they have each other, when the only love I’ve ever known is gone already? What makes Flo deserve him any more than I deserved Lightning? Hell, Ramone should be dead over him!

I curse myself and dig my nails deep into my flesh. How can I think such terrible things? But it still doesn’t make it fair that Lightning’s dead. I’m a lawyer; I should know the definition of ‘fair’. And it isn’t right that the townsfolk carry on like this, hiding their real feelings. I can’t help that Lightning is gone, but I can at least change that. I can bring their feelings to the surface.

Doc continues in monotone, “Let him be in our hearts and-.”

“Stop it, Doc!” I snap at last.

Eleven heads jerk up as my voice cuts through the wind. Their faces look horrified, yet relieved.


“No! Don’t read any more of that!” I say and pull away from Mater. I step forward, drawing scattered looks from the group. “All of you, look at me! Now, don’t tell me any of those readings mean a thing to you!” I shout at them shamelessly, “Look at me for God’s sake! We all knew him in our own way, there is no use reading a bunch of generic script over his grave.”

“Sally, it’s the respectful thing to do. If you-,” Doc interjects.

I turn on him swiftly. I’m about to lose control, if I haven’t already. I storm at him and snatch the paper from his hands. My voice comes out weak, “How can you say that? You loved him like a son!” I gesture my arm at the others, “Tell them that, Doc. Remind us all how unfair it is that he should be dead right now. That’s the truth we’re all thinking, so why can’t you say it?”

Doc’s tired, old eyes turn moist as my words hit him full force. When not a soul raises their voice, I crumple the paper and tear it into tiny bits. Lifting my fists to the sky, I uncurl my hands and we all watch the pieces flutter away into the breeze.

Still no one speaks, and I finally break. Falling to my knees, I start choking with uncontrollable sobs. Beneath my hands I feel hard desert dirt. Grabbing clumps of the red sand and stones I fling it as hard as I can. No longer able to see through my tears, I just lay there and cry so hard it hurts to gasp for air.

Low whispering comes from the other townsfolk and I feel Mater’s arms lift me back up. Mascara streaks down my face but I cease from sobbing and hold my head high with dignity. I shoot scrutinizing looks at them all, especially Doc, hoping they feel pity. Many bow their heads with fear from such intense emotions, but Doc stares through me with stony eyes.

Yeah, this one is quite dark.  <img src="//" width="15" height="15" alt="o_0" title="Conspiracy"/>  :laughing:  And yes, Lightning is gone.  :cry:  Now, parts of this feel out of character to me but I think that may be because it is in humanized form. And I can picture this scenario of Sally just losing it after his death. Think; she had everything she wanted in the world, everything she had dreamed of, and now the man who gave that to her is gone. That's just my theory though! Let me know what you thought!

Yep, I’m actually the first this time. Anyway, I loved it! It’s a shame that Lightning had passed away though. Kind of liked the dark tone that this chapter featured.

claps You’ve got the title back! 8D And thanks for your comment too. :slight_smile: I know what you mean, it is sad but sometimes that can leave you still feeling intrigued.

:shock: Oh my gosh. I just cried. :cry: There are [i:co7ne5zj]tear stains[/i:co7ne5zj] on my face. I told you, [b:co7ne5zj]MC[/b:co7ne5zj], it's because it's [i:co7ne5zj]Lightning[/i:co7ne5zj]! Oh my gosh, I love it [i:co7ne5zj]SO[/i:co7ne5zj] much! <3 This is definitely in the running for my favorite by you. This chapter was just, ugh, so emotionally great and so believable, I would think Sally would just lose it also. I like how you used the concept of the "generic" things said at funerals. Honestly, I hate that. :-\ I also love this tension between Doc and Sally that I see going on. I hope it develops more. o_0 But oh my gosh, update soon! :D

[quote="MissCarrera":co7ne5zj](she’s kind of like my amazing Beta <3) [/quote:co7ne5zj]

:shock: ................. :D *runs and tackle hugs you* <3!

Wow. That chapter was beautiful, Rebecca! And so sad. :frowning: Your lines depicting physical actions are just amazingly written and add so much to the overall emotion of the story. I loved this one especially:

But gee, Lightning’s dead. :cry: I am now like 100% clueless as to how it’s gonna turn out from here. 8D I think this is definitely going to be my favorite from you though, and I can already tell you without a doubt that I’ll be voting this one for best fanfic. :wink: Keep up the amazing work! And please, update soon! :smiley:

I agree with Snipe. I think this has the potential to be one of your best fan-fics. Definitely worth voting for at the PP Awards.

Yes! :-D)

I love you guys. <3 You are truly the best readers a person could ask for! I was so not expecting such a strong reaction to this fic. Calling it your favourite already?! Considering it for Best Fan Fiction?! THANK YOU!!! :mrgreen: And I also got a review on FFN from my fan fiction idol and inspiration, foreignconcepts!! :slight_smile: :smiley: :mrgreen: Next chapter up tomorrow! :nerd:

No problem. Your quite an inspiration to me for writing some fan-fics. :smiley: I might make an account on FFN and post some over there.

What?! I thought she was dead! :open_mouth: Okay, not really, but she’s been gone for like years. 8D What’s funny is that I was just re-reading I Could Get Used to This last night. She needs to update it…like NOW. :slight_smile: <3

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SM: I know!!! I had to re-read the name like 5 times! I thought she was gone off the face of the Internet world! She said nice things about my writing too. <3 And guess which one it was on? “Unchaste”. Of course. :sunglasses: :wink:

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