Hi, I'm new here

Hello everybody, I’m new here, and i’d just like to know when Toy Story 3 is coming out in the U.S.? I’ve been waiting for 11 years, I really hope it’s worth the wait!

It’s been out for almost 3 months, buddy. :laughing: Though you may be happy to know that it’s increasing its theater count for this weekend, so you might have a better chance at finding it.

uhh it came out like 2 and a half months ago

Hi, TSFan, you can introduce yourself here: The "Introduction/I'm Back" Thread
And second, Toy Story 3 has been out in the US since June 18.

Hi, TSFan! We have a proper intro thread here. :wink:

You mean, like on DVD and Blu-ray? I’m not quite sure… :unamused:

What was out for months, the trailer? Yeah, I’ve seen it, it looks great! I really hope the movie delivers. When is the actual date it’s coming out?

TS3 (the movie itself) has been in theaters since June 18, and will be on DVD November 2.

It’s been in theaters since June 18th.

Wait, the actual movie is out already? How did I miss this? :open_mouth:

Yeah dude. The actual film came out 2 and a half months ago or so. You somehow missed it by a longshot.

I thought it was coming out sometime in Fall 2010 :frowning:

I can’t believe I missed the movie, I’m the biggest Toy Story fan…

Alrighty then. Hope you get to see it.

I haven’t seen any commercials or marketing for it so i thought it wasnt coming out for some time, weird

Don’t worry, TSfan, movies are better as DVDs, in my opinion. Welcome!! :smiley:

This weekend is probably your final chance…go see it or else wait til november 2 for the DVD!!

I can’t go see it this weekend because there are no theaters near where I live. :frowning:

Also, does anyone know if the movie is coming out on VHS? I haven’t gotten myself a DVD player yet.

I don’t think any movie has been released on VHS for years now.

Doubt it, bud. The Incredibles was the last film Disney or any of its affiliates released on VHS.

Something tells me this guy isn’t for real.

Really? :open_mouth: I recently got Up on VHS.

But if they’re not releasing TS3 on VHS, how can I see it? I can’t afford a DVD player! :frowning: Does anyone know if these “BluRay” players are any cheaper than DVD players?

Sorry, I’m really not a “techie” person, so please help me out.