Hold On: A Cars Fanfic

Hiya! Just wanna give one of my stories some advertisement. I like this one the best, and it’s the most popular one. XD (most all my stories suck) Except this one! Woo!

Tell me what ya’ll think!


Well, I really enjoyed reading it. I really loved the plot. It was really intresting.

Aw thanks TSS. ^_____^

I honestly HATE the beggining. :unamused: I might re-write it laer on. :slight_smile:

You hate the begining? I absolutely loved the begining. That is waht caught me on to the story.

Oh… really? I thought I used a bit to much dialogue. But if you say so! XD

You’re welcome NikChik! :wink:

Lol, thanks! :wink:

Liking this!!! :smiley:

Aw, thank you! #^-^#

I had been reading this but I didnt know it was updated till now. That ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, i’m interested to know what happens next!

Aw, awesome! Might I ask which chapter you were on? The one with the cliffhanger? (I have so many I can’t tell which one you’re talking about! XD)

Whatever the last one was…Chapter 13.

Ok, awesome. XD I’ll let cha know when chapter 14 pops up. :wink:

Well I saw ch 14 popped up so I read it. :slight_smile: Aww, how cute [spoil]that Lightning finally told Sally he loves her[/spoil]

Oh, woops! I was supposed to tell ya’ll wasn’t I? xD

Well… Chapter 14 is up! :laughing: And thank you LL9! :smiley:

I think your story is wonderful so far, Nikki. I can’t wait for Chapter 15!

[spoil]by the way, thanks for my FF account! ;-)[/spoil]