How come this board has been kinda dead lately?

Not that many people come here anymore. I joined in early 2009 to talk about Up and the upcoming Toy Story 3, and during the marketing of Toy Story 3 there was a lot of people on here. Skip forward 2 years later this place is not very populous. Also, whatever happened to lizardgirl(sorry about the time I insulted you), Bryko96 (I usually don’t remember the numbers people put), woody, and rachelcakes1989. There was also someone I saw I forgot her name but she was like a huge Cars fan. I think she was a she. I’m a he in case any of you people were wondering. There are girl Jack’s out there but I’m a guy. Anyway, what happened to this place?

I’m still here!

Most of the 2009 members still talk on Twitter, etc. Everyone’s just busy with school and such or have moved on.

Man, I remembered when I would sit in front of my screen and repeatedly refresh the page because that’s how fast people would be posting. The discussion back then was definitely more intimate and conversational than it is now. Remember the chatroom and movie nights? Don’t get me wrong the new people are really cool, but I really miss the tight-knit feel of the group of members here a couple years ago. I even remember when a lot of members starting preferring to be called by their first names! :frowning:

Oh and annarborjack, you’re probably talking about x3haijessiex3 (Jess/Jessie). She’s probably the biggest Cars fan that was ever on these boards but left due to personal reasons.

Must be something in the air. My Beatles forum also had a thread going about how things werent like they used to be and that it wasnt as active. I would say that these things ebb and flo and will most likely pick up again. Things pick up when people’s interests are perked. I know personally for me because of my job I simply dont have the time to be on here as much as i’d like. I’m pretty much regulated to the weekends.

Sad to say, the whole place has been slow. Hopefully that changed with winter break.

There’s already a topic on this, so I’ll go ahead and close this one.

Happy Posting!