How Did All The Other Wall-e's Die

Iv just finished watching wall-e again for the 3rd time and i was just
woundering how did all the oter wall-e’s die off. Did he Wall-e kill them so he
could keep there parts or maby they couldnt deal with the heat and

Do any of you know have i missed something out i dont know so what do you

Sorry, but I have to say, I chuckled at the idea of our WALL-E killing the other WALL-Es off. Behind those cute eyes, an evil heart lurks… :laughing:

I sort of wondered this myself. They might’ve just broken down over time, due to having to fight the elements and just wearing out.

But I swear I’ve heard from somewhere that Buy N Large shut them down or something…I might just be making this up, but I have a memory of reading that the company shut down all of the WALL-Es but managed to miss one.

Well, Andrew does say that this was the original idea (“What if everyone left earth, and forgot to turn off the last robot?”) - however, this isn’t really addressed in the movie or Art book. I would assume they are all turned off, and somehow, that Wall-E was left on.

yeah sommehow they forgot to turn the cool walle off :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems they were all in one place, so maybe they were turned off.

All the WALL-E’s went obsolete at one point not shown in the movie. Probably after the project by BNL to clean up Earth and make it habitable again has failed, and all humans had to leave Earth.
The WALL-E that starred in the film was the only one that was not effected by the power switch, and continued to clean up the planet for hundreds of years.
It is apparent that this is one glitched up robot, and it even started to develop intelligence over the years. :laughing:

Well, Andrew Stanton said they were all turned off except one. Maybe they sent out a signal that shut them off, or maybe it was done manually. Either way, the only one that’s seems to have not been turned off is our hero. It’s also possible that if other robots were accidentally left on, the sandstorms and such rough weather broke them. I’m guessing that they were all turned off but some stayed intact while others were destroyed.
ADDITION: The robots didn’t “die”, they are machines.

I think maybe there was a signal that deactivated all of them, but maybe WALL•E was in his house. It’s possible that the signal couldn’t go through it… maybe it bounced off the solar panels…

Yeah, the signal thing sounds like a plausible idea. And that would also imply that the people at Buy N Large sort of predicted that perhaps the Earth clean-up project might not work, so they built the WALL-Es with some sort of reciever that can switch them all off at the same time or something along those lines.

I don’t understand that either. Andrew Stanton keeps saying “What if everybody left Earth, and somebody forgot to turn off the last robot?” But in an interview or two, he said that all the other WALL-Es finally broke down after time. But in the video game it shows all the WALL-Es working on Earth just as the Axiom is leaving (and our WALL-E is different from the start) and then it says “700 Years Later”, so it must have been an immediate signal that missed one.

Based on the game videos where we see that the WALL-E’s routinely reported to BnL for whatever reason, I think it’s safe to say that during one of those times they turned them all off, but WALL-E didn’t make it, for whatever reason. That’s only if the “somebody forgot to turn him off” idea is the truth. If they just broke down over time, then I imagine there’s a very very dark time in WALL-E’s life when he saw all his fellow WALL-E’s dropping like flies that we don’t want to know about.

There’s a bit of confusion even between the canon messages. The Interglactic Guide seems to imply that he survived beyond his comrades, but…

Mr. Stanton said “WALL-E is a robot who somebody forgot to turn off after all of humanity left” and said the original idea was “What if everybody left Earth an somebody forgot to turn the last robot off?” and seeing how it’s his film, I believe him over a random person writing a guide.

as I said, they were all in a “tip” area. Wheter WALL-E moved them there are not is a debatable question.

Well WALL•E didn’t feel bad for them, as he was constantly taking their parts to survive. I think all those other WALL•Es were turned off before our WALL•E developed a personality.

Hmm, I guess this depends on if you take the video game cutscenes as canon or not. In the game we clearly see WALL-E with a personality in a time when the other WALL-E’s are still active. Although I don’t think it’s necessary for him to feel bad for them either way. As far as he knows all the other WALL-E’s were just mindless machines like GO-4, since that is the way they acted.

I honestly think you are right that they were turned off after humans left Earth and before Wall-E got a personality. But it does seem completely plausible that there was a ‘kill’ signal sent out, because it looked like most of the robots just stopped whatever they were doing ([spoil]like the one that was crushed under a cube![/spoil])

I too subscribe to the kill signal theory. In fact, I have ideas for a fanfic featuring our hero “escaping” the order to shut down when Operation Clean-Up was declared a failure.

I think they all just died by decomposing and such. The last one just decided to use spare parts to save himself.

Well if they used a shut-off signal, then possibly our WALL•E had a personality from early on and that is what saved him from the signal. The game depicts some of the other units breaking down in a sandstorm because the truck closed behind our WALL•E and the others took to long (you see them right in front of the truck in the game, though not in the movie) but if something like that happened then that would explain the part in the novel about “remembering” around the time the first sandstorm comes. Although the other units might have all had one unique defect that got them in the end and our WALL•E is the only one that thought of using the parts from the broken units to repair himself, he might have even tried to teach others to do the same but they were too focused on following their directive to bother and broke down.

Actually, I wonder if anyone reads our WALL•E using parts from the other units to fix himself the wrong way. Personally, I think of it in terms of if we al had prostetic hands and your left index finger stopped working, but then you see a dead person with a perfectly good left index finger that they have absolutely no need for, therefore it would be no problem to use it. Or in those mystery shows where an interview leads the ivestigation team to learn that a docter has been transplanting elidgable organs even though the source person wasn’t listed as a doner and thus allowing the receiver to live (and not have the risk of getting something worse from the transplant). Basically a smaller scale of a system of if something is left lying around with nobody there to claim it then there’s no problem using it (natives used to get in trouble for this one all the time because there was pretty much no sense of private property so if a settler left something lying around in the native culture that ment they were done with it) it’s actually a very creative solution. In other words “long live the creative thinker”

Sounds like a good subject for a fan fic. Wall-E’s first canabalization of his fellow robots for parts.