How Do You Listen to Radio Pixar?

And do not say “with my ears”! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m interested to know how and when you usually listen to the show. On the computer, while out jogging, in your car, on public transport, at work…? Have you subscribed via RSS or iTunes, or do you manually check to see whether the show is out yet? MP3 or ACC?

I listen to the show while editing over and over and over… and then once again before it’s uploaded to listen out for any mistakes. Sometimes I wish I could listen to the show with an un-biased ear because you lose the ability to be discriminate when you’ve been involved with something from the beginning, rather than listening to it fresh. Older episodes of Radio Pixar I listen to at the computer, because I don’t have an mp3 player, while browsing the Internet, and working on new episodes of Radio Pixar. :slight_smile:

sitting on my couch looking out this really big window :smiley:

woody, that’s pretty cool. Kinda like listening to old time radio :smiley:

I haven’t had the privilege to listen to any of the Pixar Radio casts, I need to look into that at some point.

Haha Rachel, in a way the process you go through with Radio Pixar is similar to the process they go through at Pixar itself- spending a long time perfecting the final product, listening (or watching, in their case) to it over and over again, and then by the time it’s finished just wanting to go onto the next one. :laughing:

I’ve subscribed on iTunes and I just tend to listen to it whilst I’m on the computer, usually as I’m doing other things. Multi-tasking FTW! :laughing:

Had to report the one spam post above my reply here (Gosh, where are the moderators?)…but other than that, I’m surprised that those old podcast episodes from so many years ago are still on Podomatic!

Although I do sometimes wonder: Why are Episodes 1, 2, 11, and 12 missing from the episode list? :unamused: