How has Ratatouille changed your life?

I’ve decided to open a thread for Ratatouille fans to discuss how this movie has influenced certain things in your life.

Here’s something I got from Ratatouille: Everytime I eat something that tastes really good, I joke around about being a little kid again in the French countryside! :laughing: This doesn’t mean I’m French, however. It’s just a joke I made from the movie.

To be honest Ratatouille was the film that got me officially 1000% okay with CGI animated films. We’ve never exactly seen a character like Linguini before, with the slap stick comedy that was wacky, and yet so real and had a perfect animation flow to it. And the fact that everyone had their own teeth and their own skin imperfections, it really helped me accept it art more so than I had been up until I saw the film. They just weren’t so plastic as the humans are in Toy Story and The Incredibles, and while that animation worked fine for those films it was nice to see something different [coming from Pixar specifically].

I think that I enjoyed the following Pixar features a lot more after seeing Ratatouille than I probably would have without it. It is in the top of the top of my favorite animated films of all time. The script and humor was right up my alley.

Anyway, so life changing - it’s hard to say, but I know it’s effects are THERE. It’s probably one of the films I quote most and I can never look at rats, or food the same way again. I think of Paris, I think of Ratatouille. I think of bicycles or quad roller skates, I think of Ratatouille. It’s just kind of always there. One of those films that really made an impression on me. I cherish it very much.

Out of all the Pixar films, I have to say that Ratatouille has probably had a very small impact in my life, aside from what it’s taught me about the role and difficulties of being a critic, especially in Ego’s final speech at the end of the film. I love that speech and it has really made me see the job of a critic in a different light.

This movie changed my life in ways absolutely unexplainable… I can’t even think of where to begin. I’ve mentioned a lot of areas where Ratatouille has changed my life in this post over in the Votre Critique de Ratatouille thread, however. :wink:

little chef

Here is something I wrote on a previous post:

Ratatouille not only fueled my love for Pixar, but also my love for cooking. After watching the movie, I became interested in cookie and joined cooking classes at my High School, and now I’m in Culinary Arts. Cooking is now a passion of mine, right alongside drawing and gardening.

Well, this movie didn’t really change my life that much, I saw it and thought it was really good, but not much else. It did however cause me to start noticing Pixar, and I became an official fan after seeing Wall-E, so in a way, Ratatouille made me want to see Wall-E, which did change my life extremely, so in a way, Ratatouille set me on the right path. :wink: I always thought it was a really good movie though.

I suppose it’s safe to say that, had it not been for this film, I probably wouldn’t have been half as determined to secure a position at Pixar… or be half as confident in myself, on the whole. This film has changed my life more than I can say, and I’m truly convinced that its creation was not a coincidence…

– Mitch

I want a pet rat named Remy now. Also, I have a lot more respect for life. :smiling_imp:

Like several other people here, I wouldn’t have been even half as interested in (or good at) cooking if it weren’t for this marvelous film.
The soundtrack has become regular background music in my kitchen, which is of course decorated with several Ratatouille posters.

Ratatouille is a great film - I like it because I do like to cook and have previously read such books as Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain and watch the Food Network. So I’ve got a rough idea of what it’s like in professional restaurant kitchens.

While I’ve enjoyed Ratatouille enormously, I wouldn’t say it has changed my life, but enriched it. One of my favorite parts of the film has influenced my life and my son’s life. It’s really small, but funny. It’s the scene where Remy is trying to teach Emile how to appreciate the mixture of tastes between cheese and fruit and Emile starts stuffing it in his face. Remy exclaims, “Don’t just HORK it down!”

That word is so funny and descriptive that I use that phrase whenever I can and I always think of Ratatouille when I say it. 8D

I like to think it made me a better cook, at home I never really cooked all that much but now I live at Uni on my own I’ve found I actually know a lot more about cooking than I thought, so I like to think Ratatouille helped in that.

It definitely made me more interested in cooking and fine dining. Also to follow one’s dreams.

The Pixar team sure can make delicious looking animated food! :laughing:

Before Ratatouille came out, I was already a rat fancier with a strong interest in cooking, but seeing this movie provided me with even more fuel for those affections. Plus, it gave me a whole new movie and a whole new set of characters to utterly adore, and to watch and experience time and time again. And nothing could be more wonderful than that.

In a more negative sense, you could say that it wound up being a massive drain upon my bank account…what with all the Ratatouille merchandise and memorabilia I took to collecting in the years that followed. :wink:

Well, it didn’t really change my life, but it made me respect good food and it made me want to learn how to cook again.

Well, my earlier post looks really dumb to me now. I still want a rat named Remy, though. I have more respect for “pests.”

This movie helped fuel my love of cooking. It did not, however, make me a better cook :confused: Pretty much the only foods I can make successfully are Mr. Noodle and toast, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. It also (in part) helped me decide to get a pet rat. They really are playful, and very intelligent.

Ratatouille taught me that not every Pixar film can be golden.

Awww. Rats are sweet companions. :-D)

They are! But my friends don’t believe me. It’s a popular joke amongst them that I found him in the sewer :confused:

Yeah, your friends sound a bit like my brother - he’s never even met my rats, but he thinks I’m strange for keeping them as pets. I don’t come from a hugely rat-fancying family, unfortunately - though I think my dad is finally starting to warm up to them.