How long has Ellie been dead?

When Ellie dies, how many years have passed? There last photo seems to be in good quality to the others. Carl dosen’t seem to age too much. Before she died, they diden’t habe all those buildings around them. How long do you think it’s been?

Since he still hasn’t adjusted to her absence, I’d say 5-10 years.

I’m guessing under five years. Ellie looked pretty elderly when she passed on, and in the movie Carl is already in his early 80s (I think, something like that).

Carl is supposed to be 78 for the main part of the movie. I’m guessing around 5 years since Ellie died. Carl’s hair goes from gray to white between her death and the bulk of the story, and it has to be long enough that the developers have had time to come along, buy up property, and build as much as they have.

Karly sounds about right. I’ll stick to 5 as well.