I 3D

Ok, there are no PIXAR films scheduled for release this summer :frowning:
But this year just so happens to be the 10-year anniversary of The Incredibles (November 5, to be exact).So, this Christmas PIXAR should re-release The Incredibles in 3D. Oh, and they should put Jack-Jack Attack after the credits, for anyone who goes who may not have seen it yet.
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YesYesYes!!! I wholeheartedly agree!! Then I could go and see it on what will be my ten-year-anniversary since seeing it! I haven’t heard anything on such happening, but I sure hope it will. The Incredibles would look mind-blowing in 3D! And as long as we’re not getting a Pixar film this year, something should be rereleased in 3D…

What about rereleasing all their moves in 3D, and bringing merchandise for all Pixar films back to the stores? Shouldn’t they think about doing that? I have already decided to make this my peak year for trying to catch up on such merchandise in hopes for second chances…

To get back on topic, I’d say this is a nice possible thought.

^I get you on that. I keep hoping they’ll rerelease A Bug’s Life in 3D… then I’ll have seen every Pixar film in theaters :smiley: But oh my goodness… some of the action scenes in TI would look just too too cool!

screendaily.com/news/incredi … ntID=40562

So. Much. Awesome. News. Coming. Out. Can’t. Handle. It! :mrgreen:

I’m betting the 3D re-release into theaters is probably going to come out about a year or 2 before the 2nd film comes out (to bridge the gap between the 2 films).