I am so sorry to hear about Blue Sky shutting down

The makers of both the Ice Age and Rio movies were one of the biggest parts of my childhood. And their movies are still slowly making their way onto Disney Plus, one at a time – even a couple of years after the Fox acquisition.

But just when I thought their renaming the brand to replace “Fox” with “Studios” was already bad enough, it got worse: I mean buying out a competitor just to shut down one of their smaller IPs on purpose?! That’s just not right! :angry:

Meanwhile there is supposed to be an Ice Age spin-off series coming to the streaming platform, but who’s really working on it? :confused: And what’s worse: There was another movie being worked on, which got delayed due to the pandemic, with only ten months to go…and now, thanks to that “pandemic” excuse of a mistake, the project has been canceled/shelved indefinitely.

So if any of you real members (not spammers – they need to go away) have ever enjoyed either Ice Age; Robots; Ice Age: The Meltdown; Horton Hears A Who!; Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs; Rio; Ice Age: Continental Drift; Epic; Rio 2; Ice Age: Collision Course; Ferdinand; and/or Spies In Disguise…well…I’m sure you are as saddened by this devastating news as I am, for they will soon be missed. :cry:

EDIT: Commas replaced with semicolons in list of movies above.