I Can't Believe I've Not Watched This More Often!

I mean really, Finding Nemo was a pretty good movie but I’ve only watched it a couple of times! :open_mouth: I don’t even have it on DVD!! :astonished:

Is this the case with anyone else?

I guess I have watched it a good amount. Also don’t have it on DVD. Have it on VHS.

Like pretty much any other Pixar movie I’ve watched the living daylights out of it! 8D It’s the kind of movie you can watch a dozen times and still be amused by.

I haven’t watched it that much lately either. It used to be one of my favorite Pixar films growing up.

I think I’ll watch it again today. :smiley: My life could always stand to have a little more Pixar :wink:

I too feel like I need more Nemo in my life. I don’t have the DVD, but it’s the next Pixar DVD I want.

I have the VHS, not the DVD.

Same here.

Well, I finally got the DVD today. :wink:

I already have the DVD copy. One of these days I’m going to rewatch it.

I bought the DVD just for the extras, but I’ve never seen the movie since buying it. I have major issues with Finding Nemo as a film.

I have that with certain movies. Mostly ones I own but dont watch much. Actually its kinda fun for me to pull them out and re-discover why I liked them so much. But as for Nemo, I think that was 2nd DVD i ever got :smiley:

About the pulling out DVD movies (or VHS in my case) that you liked as a kid and rediscovering what you liked about them feeling, I like doing that with old movies too. :slight_smile:

I have the DVD. When I was a much younger I watched it a million times, but lately I haven’t watched it much, about twice in the last 6 Months.

Same here. Finding Nemo is one of those Pixar films that I would used to watch constantly.

I think part of the reason is it appeals to younger viewers, possibly moreso than other Pixar films.

That is true, although it was an interesting film that kept me drawn in.

I have watched this movie so much. And we have it on dvd.

I still don’t have it on DVD.

You should buy it^^.