"I don't like the name W.A.L.-E., fix it"

Perhaps our movie wouldn’t have even existed if it weren’t for at least 6 people in the world. One of them died earlier today.

In late 2003, Stanton and a few others created a story reel of the first twenty minutes of the film. Lasseter and Steve Jobs were impressed and officially began development,[18] though Jobs stated he did not like the title, originally spelled “W.A.L.-E.”[19]

This comes from the wiki on Wall-E. Fortunately we now have a name more amenable to building walls or Wally or Walt Disney, just not WAL-Mart. What other intrigues involving the movie and how Mr. Jobs reacted to it in completed form is not widely known. There is already a thread in the Pixar and Its People subforum. I wonder too if Mr. Jobs ever visited this website, I know Mr. Stanton does…

I was actually completely unaware of this…just makes it even harder to swallow :frowning:

Andrew Stanton’s been here before? I know Unkrich was during the TS3 fiasco, but that’s incredible!

I think I heard this, on my WALL-E DVD there’s a special feature of a early WALL-E promo or something, and the name’s spelled differently. IDK if I remmeber that correctly.

I first heard this off my WALL-E DVD. Either way I am glad that Steve Jobs got them to change it because it is better than how it originally was.

The original name might have been to mock WalMart, but it looked too ‘busy’ and they got rid of all the periods. The dot in between Wall and E is meant to also soften the term, making it less analytical looking. Wall•E is what’s called an acronym, an abbreviation of a lengthy name, in capital letters, and you can make it without all the periods. Organizations with long names commonly use this. Many acronyms spell out the name of something else, instead of being just random gibberish, making it easier to remember. The best acronyms, like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) or MAD (mutually assured destruction) spell out a word related to the function of the concept.

Notice that when he starts making a new pile of cubes, he makes an outline of the base in the form of a wall. Some people claim that his name is paying homage to Walt Disney. Did it have anything to do with The Adventures of Andre and Wally B? Certainly each of the leading robots have a masculine and feminine name, with EVE being biblically related. Not sure where we should turn our magnifying glass on, the walls of Jericho?

Oh, I didn’t remember that it was on the dvd. Just wanted to start a minor thread discussing what Jobs thought of our movie here. As for TS3 and Lee Unkrich, what fiasco exactly are you talking about Leirin? As for Stanton, he apparently comes on to read the Upcoming Pixar subforum. Not sure what he is looking for there, maybe fan reaction to some of the pix and published plots, or tidbits on other movies in the works at Pixar that he isn’t privy too, altho he is the main Creative Director there now, so you would think he knows.

I believe she was talking about this. Evidently, Lee came on and posted once after the first trailer came out.

Andrew Stanton has been here? Wow!
I’m really glad they changed the name to WALL-E, because the original title is pretty awful imo :slight_smile:

Yes, but whether he has even glanced at this subforum isn’t known. I’ve brought this up in one of those “Happy Birthday” threads, what’s the point if they never see it that year? Btw, you can make one of those dots between letters by using the following keystroke: with Numlock on, hit 0149, when you lift up the alt at the end of the numbers, the • appears! As in Wall•E, which was mentioned once or twice back in 2008 on how to do it, but needs to be repeated now and then••• If only we could red-ize the ‘E’ somehow, putting a red button around it. I’m sure that can be done graphically on a computer now, just not at this website. Hmmm… is the dot around the ‘E’ supposed to mean the earth? Just figured that out now, it adds color to the name and functional purpose, clever.

I don’t know why, but when I first saw that they were going to spell it like Wal-e on the dvd, it made me think of a whale. :-\ Glad they changed it.

Well Mr Jobs was right. I dunno why, but WALL-E looks a lot better than W.A.L.-E. It does look like it should be pronounced ‘whale’ or something

I’m glad for the title change as well.

Hey, am I fashionably late? Sorry about that.
Anyway, they changed it because the crew feared people would mistake Wall-E’s name for a name that sounded like “Whale.” And that doesn’t sound good. Plus, the whole Wal-Mart thing is suppose to portray Buy n’ Large, not Wall-E, because of the way they both market. I heard in my history class a few months ago that Wal-Mart is taking over the country. I heard specifically, “Whenever a Wal-Mart comes to town, other stores already in that area are apparently…” how do I put this nicely… “…messed up.” Meaning they just give up because Wal-Mart is obviously becoming more popular and more dominant and, dare I say, more Buy n’ Large.


What if Wal-Mart IS Buy n’ Large, and in about 90 years from now, it will take over the entire world and send people to outer space to become their “shop slaves”!? Mind…BLOWN! O.o :shake: