I hate this film!

Okay, okay, before you guys start jumping to any conclusions please let me explain myself. First off, I think this is one of PIXAR’s best films and I am totally in love with almost everything about this film. The art work is amazingly beautiful, the storyline has the ingenious PIXAR feel to it, and the characters are so endearing and believable that whenever I watch this film, I forget that I’m even watching a movie. A story about a rat that decides to cook in Paris, there were a million ways that any other studio could have completely ruined this premise, but leave it to PIXAR to make it another modern classic.

BUT, as much as I do love this film (and I do really love it) there is one thing that really really do hate about this and sometimes ruins the movie experience for me when I watch it. It’s that the food always looks more delicious than is humanly possible. I mean, I was watching this film in theaters and when it got to the second act with Remy in the restaurant, I was literally grabbing for my popcorn pretending that it was as good as the food he was cooking (it wasn’t). And then after I saw the movie, the images of the delicious goodness was still ingrained in my mind, forcing me to reserve a table at a five star french restaurant in my local Bay Area in attempts to appease my cravings. But it still wasn’t good enough! The food was okay but nowhere near as delicious as Ratatouille pictured it to me! So basically, yeah, I hate this film because it made me hungry. Is it a good reason? Of course not, it’s insanely stupid. But it’s the only reason I can think of why anyone else could possibly hate this film too. So bottom line, I can never watch Ratatouille on an empty stomach, otherwise I pass out from hunger.

Actually, I totally agree. I’m glad that there’s someone out there who experiences the same anguish that I do! Man, I start salivating every time! That food is so darn realistic! So no, it’s not a stupid reason (at least not to me).

Every year I fast for 30 hours, to raise money for World Vision with my friends! We were thinking of movies to watch, and I said “Ratatouille” and they were all like NO! It will make us hungrier! :laughing:

:-D) I agree, that food is enticing. That doesn’t make me mad at the movie, though. I love Ratatouille(is the food item ratatouille good? I’ve always wondered.)

There’s stuff in this movie I always thought I probably wouldn’t like (not being fond of French cuisine 'n all) but I can’t help but think it all looks painfully delicious. Especially when Colette cracks that bread to hear the crust… ooh…

Ooooo, I agree! I love bread, I want to take it and turn it into Garlic Bread!

Gaaaah! Now I’m hungry from reading all of your posts! Thanks a lot Pixar Planet!

Haha, I find that too, Pixar Builder! Especially when it comes to ratatouille itself- a dish I don’t usually like, but after seeing it in the film, I’m always like, ‘mmm, that looks good…’ Then I try it in real life and realise I DON’T LIKE IT. And I keep doing that over and over again on a regular basis. Fail.

Meh. I tried ratatouille for the first time in a diner in Germany, and I was ambivalent towards it. It’s basically poached veggies. :slight_smile:

When I first saw the movie I thought it might taste something like pizza because it looked like it had pepperoni on it. :laughing:

Well it was peasant food, you know. Peasants were too finiancially challenged to eat meat, so, Ratatouille.

Oh dear, I’m an odd ball. The first few times I watched Ratatouille it made me feel sick. I don’t know why, I guess it’s the idea of a rat cooking people’s food is just…I dunno. I have a fear of germs.

But thankfully it doesn’t do that anymore. :slight_smile:

One of the first things my mom said during the film was “Yum!”

It makes me hungray too, The lightninge looks good and almost everything else.

At first I read the title and I was instantly super angry and getting ready to type up a fiery rebuttal, but then I read the whole post and it was funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s true, watching Ratatouille does make you extremely hungry! I always make sure I’ve just eaten a meal before watching it, otherwise I would probably just drop dead from hunger pangs. xD

I absolutely love the scene where Remy is eating the strawberry and cheese together… I normally don’t even like strawberrys, but everything in that scene, the lighting, the music, the materials… they all just make it incredible. That as well as the rest of the movie was more than enough to make me hungry. :unamused: :sunglasses:

Ok, so here’s a pretty good example of what I’m talking about

Here’s what Ratatouille looks like in Real Life:

Doesn’t look too bad, I guess. I mean it’s not something I’d have dreams about consuming, just something I might eat at my friend’s house whose mom is a semi-decent cook.

And here’s what it looks like in Ratatouille:

Cartoon food should not look this good! I mean, I’m literally drooling already as I’m posting this! And it’s not just the final dish. No, it’s everywhere in the film!

What is wrong with you PIXAR? First you make me cry in Toy Story 2, now I’m completely thanks to Ratatouille! I don’t have that kind of willpower!

AUGGHH! Thanks a lot for posting that, Pixar Builder! Seriously though, I really don’t like onions, but whenever I watch Remy fixing the soup, I always think, ‘man, those onions look GOOD!’


Now if you’ll excuse me I must go eat some bread (quickly).

Pixar Builder, maybe you should attempt making ratatouille as good as in the film. :smiley:

Goodness, those grapes…I love the way Remy sucks the insides of them out. I wish that was actually possible in real life. :laughing: