I love ____, but I don't love ___.

I thought this would be a fun thread, so hopefully you guys post in it. Post something that you love. It can be a music artist, actor, writer, director, fashion designer, etc., but post something about their work that you don’t like. It would be even more fun if its something thats hugely popular. For example, I love The Beatles, but I don’t love their early music. Their early singles are cool, but their album cuts don’t do much for me. It wasn’t until Rubber Soul where I started loving all their stuff.

I enjoy this idea!

I love Tim Burton, but I don’t love his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I love the movie Titanic, but I don’t love James Cameron.

^That’s a good one. I need to see that movie still…

I love Disney, but I don’t love Chicken Little.

I love The Who, but I don’t love Face Dances.

I love Rabbits, But I don’t love when they poo everywhere. (well my one does)

I love Queen, but I don’t love the song Body Language… :laughing:

I love Brian May, but I don’t love him reducing Queen + to being with useless pop stars like Adam Lambert.

I Love Heels, but I don’t love the heels that have no heel!! ;-p

It’s a really good movie. Why haven’t you seen it yet?

I love buying stuff off amazon.com, but I don’t love the new taxes California residents has to pay when doing so.

I love Batman, but I don’t love The Dark Knight.

Amen to that! 8D

@theoutsider1983: I’m not really sure why, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I don’t own it. I’ll remedy this soon though.

I love Sonic the Hedgehog, but I don’t love the game Shadow the Hedgehog.

Shadow the Hedgehhog reeked of something designed by a committee. Seeing him holding weapons was appalling.

I love Mario games, but I don’t love Mario Sunshine.

I love Nintendo, but I don’t love the GameCube.

I love jean shorts, But I don’t like the jean shorts that go all the way up where your bum starts. :confused:

I love movies, but I don’t love movies made for the purpose of comedy.

I have to agree. Unless the story is strong.

I love reading, but I hate overly prosey writing.

I love Journey, But I don’t love their new stuff.

I agree. The first book I thought about was Rabbit Run. I’ll never forget reading three or four pages about what Rabbit heard on his car radio as he traveled from one part of the city to the next. :confused: I never finished the book, and I never will.

I love The Rolling Stones, but I don’t love their constant rehashing greatest hits albums over and over again.

I love goosebump books, but I don’t love that there are ghost stories.