I need a signature!

Will Someone please direct me to where or how to get a good free signature?

Hm, well, even though I prefer an all text signature, sometime down the line I may get one myself…

I’d google for one. that’s how I got my avatar.

Hope this helps.

I moved this to the Graphics and Icons section of the Forums.

I guess you can PM people or ask in their threads. Maybe someone who wants can reply to this and make you one. Just provide them the details.

Hi luxoIII. Feel free to use any of mine that I have made: pixarplanet.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4480 (They’re scattered throughout the thread). Or I can make you one from scratch. Just let me know :slight_smile:

You can usually Google for well-made avatars, or look at Pixar LiveJournal groups where there are some really good “icons” that you can borrow and wear here, but usually the creator likes a link-back and credit. As for signatures, most of them are made by our very own talented members and posted in their graphic threads, but if you’re not graphically-inclined you can use this thread to make a request or approach some signature makers and ask if they could make you a specific signature, or do what Hannah said and ask if you can wear any of the pre-made ones around here (it’s etiquette to ask permission).

Hope that helps and welcome to Pixar Planet, luxoIII. =)

Thanks to both of you, and for your warm welcomes. If any moderators want to lock this thread up, I have what I need now.