I solemnly swear to complete this mission....

I promise to complete my story within…

  • Two days
  • Five days
  • Seven days
  • Fourteen days

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Yes, umm. Ahem. Since there is absolutely no point beating around the bush, I figured that enough is simply enough. If I don’t finish my dang Ratatouille story I’ll never finish it, so I would appreciate it if you all shared your opinion on how soon (or how late) you would like me to complete the next – and the tenth – chapter in my “fanfictionary” tale.

Please notice the word “promise” in the title of this thread. I never break a promise, and that’s a truthful fact. Heh.

The poll is above, the votes must go in, and I will gather up the tally when I get approxiamately eight votes or more on one option. Happy voting! :wink:

Administrators/Moderators: Please remove this thread/poll if it is deemed unnecessary.

– Mitch

Actually, Mitch, I am indeed locking this thread because I’m sure your readers won’t mind a delay. :wink:


Dang it. lol

Well, thanks for doing so, PV. Heheh. :wink:

– Mitch