Ian, Onward and how this ruined Disney Heroes Battle Mode

I play the game Disney Heroes Battle Mode.
Basically, the concept of the game is that an unknown villain (codenamed the Virus) has made software clones of all the Disney characters and you (as the player) have to defeat the clone teams in order to progress in the gameplay mission chain.

Unfortunately, one Pixar character has completely ruined the game, because whenever his software clone is in an enemy team, he does this:

When he uses this skill, he becomes invincible and instantly obliterates the player team by sending all of their damage back to defeat them!!! :angry: :exclamation:

What exactly does Ian do in the movie Onward that inspired the game designers to create this skill?

I’ll be candid, because of this one character constantly ruining the gameplay by becoming an almost impassable roadblock in the mission chain whenever he appears, I really resent the movie Onward for existing now.
Because, logically, if the movie had never been made, Ian would not have existed, he’d never have been added to the game and by extension, the skill he uses to ruin the game would not exist either.

In the film “Onward”, one of the main characters is Ian Lightfoot. He is a young elf who discovers that he and his brother have magical powers, and sets out on a quest to bring back his dead father for a day using a special staff. During the journey, Ian discovers that he possesses a unique ability called the Growth Spell. With this spell, he can create temporary magical shields and barriers that are used for defence. But no spells will help you win at https://betwinner.glоbal/casino/ only sober mind and intuition ) It’s likely that the game developers took inspiration from Ian’s magical abilities from the film and adapted them to create the skill you mentioned in the game. However, it’s important to remember that the mechanics of the game are a creative interpretation and not a direct reflection of the events of the film.