Icons Galore !

here are some of my old icons you can use ! just credit me . no need to ask



NOTE - for MATG icon with mcqueen and sally , you

must save the picture on the blog , do not click on it and then save , because then the pic will be too big


EDIT : Looking for a new siggy picture ? Well here’s my new site with just siggys



That is so cool GLP! :sunglasses:

Woah – awesome avatars, gottalovepixar. I especially

favor the “Speed. I am speed.” one featuring Lightning McQueen. :sunglasses:

Me too. And the Lightning/Sally icon was absolutely


Nice ones!

The Speed screenshot and words go well together.

thanx peoples . i’ll probably put my marlin and nemo up soon .

maybe i’ll make a ratatoullie


gottalovepixar - Yes, please

make a Ratatouille one! :smiley:

Me too. I too can not wait

to see the Nemo and Ratatouille icons.

i used the nemo one for about an hour

yesterday .

So THATS where that Hudson Hornet one came

from! I wanna use that one :slight_smile: and there’s a Gill one too? I wanna use that, i love Gill!


gill is too big for here , but i’ll shrink it for you . you can use the HH if u want

gottalovepixar - I like the new avatars that you put up,

gottalovepixar. And I believe that I have seen that Ratatouille icon on another

website before. All in all, you did a nice job. :wink:

Really , because I just found the picture and I shrunk it


Here is the proof:

Ratatouille Avatars

I just happened to

be browsing for Pixar avatars one day when, low and behold, I found a sight that came from heaven above, filled

to the brim with Ratatouille avatars! I was overjoyed to the point that I grabbed a

few of the avatars and loaded them into my “Pictures” folder. :smiley:

oh well , i make it a

little more mine then .

Well, I guess someone has been busy. It looks like someone capped the entire

teaser then converted them into avatars.

gottalovepixar - Don’t feel

bad – your avatars are still way cool. :wink:

The Star Swordsman - I know.

Isn’t it great? I was practically ecstatic when I found that website… :stuck_out_tongue:

The picture just explains it

all !


gottalovepixar - Haha – that’s great! Have you

seen his workroom in previous Pixar tour videos? It looks like a toy museum…

I have

gotta see it one day.