If anyone can cook... can you?

Just a random little topic to help with the PixarPlanet Revival… :smiley:
Anyway, I remember back after I saw Ratatouille, the obsession began to take its run on me, and I had this unsatisable desire to cook something! And I’ll be honest, I’m into cooking and food, but I’m not exactly a Gusteau or a Remy… but yet, I still would like to be able to make more than just Martha White muffin mixes! Thankfully, my mom is a great cook and I often join her in the kitchen to watch her work and so I can learn a few things. So, how about you? Did Ratatouille give you a desire to cook? Have you always been a cook, but Ratatouille made it mean something more? Or are you more like me: still learning, but you remember to take time to taste your food and savor it?

Never had a desire to cook, although there was a brief period I was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food and I cooked a few dishes for my bro while we were living in Sydney. I tried the beef ale stew and meatball spaghetti from his website… good times, I remember crumbling the biscuits for the meatball by bashing them over a counter-top in a plastic bag. :slight_smile:

Right now, the only food I’m proficient at making is, sadly, instant noodles. :frowning:

It did inspire me to cook, but I haven’t really done it much in the past year, to be honest.

I really want to learn how to cook, but I haven’t had the chance. I’m fairly good at making desserts. I can make seasoned meat for tacos. But that’s pretty much it.

Whenever I watch this movie, I badly wish I could cook. I barely know how to make anything. But shortly after the movie released, my friend Abi started baking a lot. She’s amazing! Now whenever I see the movie I think of her. :smiley:

I don’t cook very well. LOL.

Yep, all the time! My parents made me start making dinner in the summer of 2011 and I’ve loved it ever since. My favorite thing to cook is Indian food (favorite thing to eat too…) and I even made movie-style Ratatouille once. It took me two hours; I have no idea how they made it so fast in the movie. Tasted great, though, if I do say so myself.

That’s pretty interesting, Rac_Rules! I’m surprised to see that this movie got many people cooking.

Actually, funny story. I had never in my life heard of ratatouille until I saw the teaser in front of Cars. That trailer had me laughing so hard (I think it involved Remy running away from chefs throwing knives), I couldn’t wait to see it the following year. Didn’t really inspire me to cook, but it was truly a feast for the eyes. :smiley:

wow you would think that, as obsessed with this movie as I’ve always been since it came out, that I’d have some desire to want to cook… when in reality I am the poorest excuse of a chef there ever was. Watching the chefs in Ratatouille cook makes me so jealous but I know I could never even come close. It’s a miracle if you can get me to make myself a sandwich, mainly because I’m just so dang lazy when it comes to cooking. :laughing:

While it never really inspired me to cook, it made me want to tour the world and try the foods and cuisines of other countries, but especially the food of Paris. ;o; that in itself is a bit of an oxymoron, because I can be a fairly picky eater. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can cook when I’m told to and when I’ve seen my mother cook something several times (she’s a fantastic cook, so I’ll be blessed with lots of wonderful recipes when I move out!), but to cook on my own voluntary time is something I’ve never really done. I suppose that someday when it’s a necessity, like when I’m on my own or married, maybe I’ll enjoy it a bit more! :slight_smile:

little chef

haha! No. I remember the one time I made mashed potatoes correctly I wanted to throw a party. My mother has told me how to make things and I’ve watched her do it, but for whatever reason I cant seem to grasp it. I certainly dont trust myself with cooking meat! The only thing i can do is reheat frozen stuff or leftovers or make cakes/cookies from a box of mix. Why? Because those boxes come with explicit directions that I can follow. Whereas here’s what my mother’s directions sound like:

“Saute those onions for a few minutes until they look shiny”
“They look shiny now! They’re sitting in melted butter!”
2-3 minutes goes by
“There. See how they look glistening now?”
“No. They dont look any different”

I actually joined my school’s Culinary Arts Program after seeing this film.

After many mistakes, I try to stay away from cooking :confused:

What have you tried to make?

I can’t cook…yet. The only time I ever use the stove is for boiling fresh nectar to feed hummingbirds with (They’re ruby-throats).

Okay, I really want to make cake sculptures–and Mom just found my cake decorating kit!

Since I moved out on my own, my parents don’t cook for me! Sometimes I eat at my college’s dining commons. The extent of my cooking at my apartment is rice or macaroni/pasta based dishes. And frozen food. C

I can make grilled-cheese sandwiches and Mac-n-cheese on the stove.

^OMGosh, grilled cheese sandwiches are one of my fave things to eat! Sure glad I can cook those! :mrgreen:
Recently, I’ve been trying to do more cooking myself. I can make a pretty decent egg/bacon/cheese crossiant ring… it tastes great despite it doesn’t look as nice as the pictures in the recipe. More recently, I made Reese’s Peanut Butter Blondie “bites”, or in my case, “bricks”. Despite it seemed like a big mess, what with accidentally adding more peanut butter than the recipe called for and having to use a loaf pan instead of cupcake wrappers, they actually tasted pretty good in the end. Gusteau was right about having to try things that may not work, because that’s how it turned out for those “bricks” :slight_smile:

There’s this restauraunt in my town you’d really like. They serve only different varieties of grilled cheese.

^Oh, cool!!! Sounds amazing, EJE!