If Up Was Made A Long Time Ago

If UP was made in the 1960s. There are a few bad words, but none too serious.

pixartimes.com/2011/01/25/video- … emakes-up/

I thought it was pretty funny. :laughing:

Oh my gosh, that was so well done. It’s amazing.
“But now, his yard’s about to get a whole lot bigger…” :laughing:

I laughed so hard! 8D

That was awlsome. They made more for other movies. i may sub.

I thought that was pretty good. The stop-motion Kevin really made me chuckle in the cheesy sort of way when I first saw it.

I have to hand it to that guy, he really made it look like Up could have been one of Walt’s live action films.

I love the fact that while this is a compilation piece, it was edited so well together that it looks exactly like it should fit together perfectly! Now that’s quality!

Also, please please please please please do WALL-E!

That was brilliant! :smiley:

The direction and colour and everything was spot on.

Pixar Builder: I’d love to see a Wall-E one too.

Or a Toy Story one, Woody would look the same but Buzz would look diffrent.

I had seen that user’s videos, except for the Up one! It made my day!

Haha, I saw this on twitter today! Absolutely awesome, I like Dug haha

I need to start reading more posts. I thought this wasn’t here yet. But yet it was. I guess I hope a mod comes and closes my thread.

I kept thinking this was a spec thread not a link to the premake.


Best. Video. Ever. :smiley:

I really want to see these movies now (I already saw The Red Balloon though), and the decision to include Peter Pan music was brilliant.

Oh, my gosh, bwahahahahaha… 8D That was great! And, yeah, Spencer Tracy & Kirk Douglas, of course. “You’re a pontificating old poop!” I’m still laughing.

I love the Harryhausen Kevin, among other things :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t imagine how long it took to make that.