Inactivity on PixarPlanet

I know it’s been quite a few months since the last time I visited, but now that I’m back, a question just popped into my head. Why, in the last several times I visited, did I keep going off-topic? If I want to join in a topic to discuss it, I should not be going off-topic at all. So what should I do next time? Try to stay on the topic!

I think we’re all guilty of that, evspixarfan2012, myself included. We really do need to try to revive the Pixar fandom on PP. I still practice mine, but it’s been carried off-site. It’s breaking my heart to see Pixar Planet in the shape it is. But thank you so much for bringing this up.

Maybe, just maybe, we can get some other members to pledge to try to bring this site back to life, and really do it?

Like Violet said, my enthusiasm has not waned, it’s just been in full force elsewhere, on a non Pixar forum I moderate. So, yeah. I’ll try to help the revival a bit. Just not interesting when it’s so dead.

Funny. Glad I’m not the only one this is happening to. If our fandom is still healthy and kicking, why do you think we’ve taken it elsewhere, everybody?

I’ll admit it’s mostly laziness on my part. It’s also been other things in my life that I have to keep up with or have taken on. I think, as is with any family, being on PP takes work. And I have been less interested in bothering, as ashamed as I am of it :cry: . I’m trying again. I really hope, some day, this site will return with it’s full glory, and God willing, it’s wonderful former hallmark members.

I’m also trying to back my words with action. I’m trying to be more active on the Pixar forums. It is, however, kind of hard to keep interested, when no one’s around to reply :frowning: .

I’m busy moderating another forum, and just don’t make time for this one.

That’s a reasonable reason to not be on. I know we all have lives outside of here. It’s kinda hard for most of us to come on regularly.

College keeps me busy too. But, Lord willing, at least then there’d be another member in Pixar around here.

I try to visit atleast every two days, but I am also on a few other forums and have been focused on plenty of non-Pixar things lately (I do still love Pixar!).

I think I’m going to change the title of the thread to suit the topic better, perhaps something like “Slowness on PP”? I’m not sure yet.

Today was the first time in a very long time that I’ve made posts that weren’t an art update or message to the other mods. I feel pretty good, but like others have been saying, it is fairly difficult to stick around when no one wants to answer the posts that you do make.

I think what’s hard for me, personally, as far as re-engaging goes, is the fact that I guess I don’t have much to say about any of the new movies! :confused: I kind of feel a bit alienated especially because I could spend post after lengthy post talking about Ratatouille (to this day, I’m still dissecting it :unamused:) but no one, especially those who were here around '07, is around to discuss it anymore - everyone wants to talk about Cars or Toy Story, it seems!

little chef

I love Ratatouille.

My favorite Pixar films to talk about actually are Ratatouille, The Incredibles and the Toy Story films.

It’s ok, I think all of us are aware of the current state of PP. Which certainly isn’t bad—new posts are being made every day—but there really isn’t the same sense of communal spirit, which we’ve all known.

As mentioned, we all still love Pixar. That love is there. I don’t know if it’s quite as passionate (in my case) but it’s there and always will be! But in truth, I haven’t been posting much on the actual Pixar movie boards in the last half year. I really don’t know why. I look for new discussions and there rarely are any going on. And the worst part is, I’d start some of my own, but… I feel like everything’s already been discussed! Which is completely lame, there is so much more to these movies that could be dissected. Layers upon layers. But I just don’t feel the same kind of community passion for Pixar that I did in 2010, so I’d feel silly making a topic that would only get a few posts!

Part of the problem could also be that the ‘last’ generation of users are in fact getting older and busier, and having to worry about more mature matters. It makes going onto a family forum to discuss Pixar a little more difficult.

I guess there could be many factors, but it is a little sad. I gotta ask though, for the older members on here, have you ever seen PP reach this kind of ‘inactive period’ in the past? I’d like to think it could be remedied. I would ask more people to join this forum, but really all my Pixar-loving friends are already on here!

Hey guys!

I too am very sad about the inactivity on Pixar Planet. I remember when I first joined, the generation before me was leaving, doing new things. And I couldn’t understand why!

But I’m older and I understand it. I’m in that phase too. With work and college, it’s very difficult. I really wish I had he time to be here more. And I do most of my fangirling on tumblr/facebook. I’m glad to see some of you guys there! But I certainly do miss the communal aspect of PP.

Being a new person on the forums, but being a long time reader of them, I feel really bummed out about the inactivity. I’m posting everywhere I can but it’s really not the same when nobody answers your posts. I hope this can be fixed soon, but to be honest, I don’t even know how you could fix it. sigh :neutral_face:

I know, it’s a bummer. I’m sorry that you feel like you missed out, and you’re right. Its not like we can force people to post more. Even though it’s not as communal as it use to be, I still do enjoy posting here when I can.

So do I. This is a nice forum to post on. And I don’t think it’ll die. Not while there are still dedicated fans of Pixar. I feel I could do more. I’ve still not made a single post on the Pixar Feature Films section so there’s something on my to-do list!

I’m glad for your optimism and enthusiasm. Happy Posting!

Things kinds of things sometimes come and go in phases as well. Some times are busier than other times. It also may have somewhat to do with growth. More members means more unfamiliar ‘faces’. Though, of course, I understand that to get familiar you have to post. For example, on the Beatles forum I’m on there’s kind of like a ‘core’ group that’s been there for years and still posts often we have gotten to know each other fairly well. Then there’s the outer fringe people that are newer and/or dont post much. There have also been people who were there for awhile, have left, and then sometimes they return after a hiatus. I do agree that getting older may have something to do with it. As we get older we’re all going to have more and more outside commitments. I know I’m not on here as much as I used to, and part of that is because I have a full time job and I cant get on here every day. I try my best to get on here on weekends and days off.

^There’s a Beatles forum?

There’s probably a forum for everything if you know where to look :wink: But yes, the one I’m on is called Beatlelinks and its at I’ve been there for nearly 10 years now :slight_smile: