Inception: Mega Dreams, a Mega Man cartoon trailer mash-up

I just saw the fantastic movie “Inception” and I remembered an episode of the 90’s Mega Man cartoon had the same concept of going into people’s dreams to steal information and plant ideas. Of course, the execution of the concept was completely different, so here’s a parody mash-up of the two.


Cobb…Proto Man
Mal…Mega Man
Arthur…Cuts Man
Eames…Guts Man
Saito…Dr. Wily (and no, I don’t think Saito was evil. It’s just because he’s Proto Man’s “employer.”)
Miles…Dr. Light
totem…Top Man

I had a FOUR HOUR wrestling session with Windows Movie Maker to make it allow me to “publish” the completed video.

Clips used for parody purposes, covered under Copyright Law as Fair Use.

Also, here’s a parody dub my mother and I did for the trailer of “Twilight: New Moon” right after we saw that film:

Wow, I’m, like, your new best fan! :smiley:

“Don’t you know it’s impolite to invade other people’s dreams?”
“Yeah it’s us, your daddy and your mummy!”
Awesome mash-up, and I’m dying to see Inception now.

And the New Moon dub! Hahaha, love the Bob Marley cameo! :stuck_out_tongue: Are you a girl? You do great male impersonations!

Nice work! That was very enjoyable.


Oh my goodness. I just watched the New Moon parody; so funny!

I loved the Into the Woods reference, genius! And of course, “Timmy fell into the well.” 8D

Wow, thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh no, Bella was voiced by my mother. I’m a guy and I did all the male voices. Though I can do girl voices too :slight_smile:.

Thanks to you too, love70ways. (I see your name is a Company reference :slight_smile: . Cool. )

D’oh! Third gender-confusion I made this week. I don’t believe it…

Anyway, it’s really cool your mum is so game for a trailer dub! :smiley: I’ve gotta check your channel to see if you’ve made more parodies… (Maybe you can check out mine, in turn? wink :wink:)

I think I found another musical theater fan!

Drive In - Yeah, mom is really cool with stuff like that. She loves to do the voice dubbing at the Animation Building in Disney’s California Adventure, too. She’s also going to make a couple cameo appearances in a video review I’m working on of The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (for a Disney sequel review collaboration on the “That Guy with the Glasses” forums.)

I checked out your channel and subscribed :slight_smile:.

Love70Ways - Yes, you sure did! :slight_smile:

Here are some of my older videos that use songs from musicals:

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I’m also a newspaper theatre critic. On Saturday, I’m going to review a production of Songs for a New World at the local regional theatre company, PCPA.

Though I can do girl voices.