Incredibles Timeline

One reason people tihnk it takes place is the 60’s/70s is because of the cars. The cars match that time period.

^^ And Brad himself stated that he wanted it to have a 1960’s feel.

Where are all the hippies? You can’t have a 60’s filling without hippies!

That, sir, is a very good point. I guess the Parrs, being a pretty conservative family, just don’t come in contact with people like that so often.

That’s a good explanation of it^^.

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Maybe GazerBeam was a hippie. Syndrome didn’t kill him, drugs did. After many years away from them he took them again and got into the 60s again. :laughing:

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Think about it! After he got them, he put on hus supersuiy, somehow ended up on the island where Syndrome lives, Went in his place and broke into his compulter, he then went in that cave and died. He made the password as his last words. :laughing:

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This actually is probably pretty accurate :slight_smile: . I’m just wondering if I should add their birthdates when we don’t have exact years. Thoughts anyone? If I get a couple yeses, I think I’ll add that, if that’s okay with you, Pixarfan91 :slight_smile: .

That sounds alright to me^^.

The film actually stated that Bob was 24 at the beginning of the film (and since Helen’s last active record was in 1955 (thanks for the pic allowing me to analyze the timeline a little better) and 15 years later (presuming to be 1970) Bob is 39 according to the Disney wiki and official film bio, this means Bob was born in 1931 (he would be 40 years old if a 1 year gap were to take place).

As for Helen, I’m thinking she’s at least a year younger than Bob if not 2 years younger than him, but she was definitely born around the same era Bob was as is Frozone.

Buddy is spot on (born in mid-1940s although in the beginning of the film he looked a lot younger about 6-9 years of age at the start but grows to be about 20 years of age), Mirage I would guess was born in the early 40s (seeing as she’s older than him by a few years).

Edna being born in the 1910s makes sense she’s ancient (she’s in her 50s to 60s years old maybe even 70s), she went through 2 World Wars (hopefully she didn’t get hit with the anti-propaganda stuff that went on during the late 30s/early 40s, since she’s both German and Japanese descent, which would have gotten her into hot water in an instant.)