Incredibles Timeline

Hey, guys :smiley: ! It’s Violet again. I’m here asking to discuss the exact timeline of The Incredibles universe. As some of you may now, I’m a stickler for technical continuity, so I spend this kinda time on this kinda stuff :unamused: . We know a small bit from what the movie gives us. Such as, the Super Hero Relocation Program (I’m gonna go with SHRP 'cause I’m lazy), was probably started in 1955, as that’s when Elastigirl retired:

We also know that the bulk of the movie takes place fifteen years later, and that the time laps between Mirage’s first and second summoning of Mr. Incredible was about two months (by the phone call Helen had with the woman from Insuricare: “His employment was terminated almost two moths ago.”). And assuming by the weather, and the movie seems to be taking place near the end of the school year, the movie probably starts in February and ends in April. The ages of the kids are approximately 13 (Violet), 10 (Dash), and 1 (Jack-Jack). The Parrs moved about three years ago, (Bob: “The last three years don’t count because?”). So, here’s the timeline I use:

1955 - Helen and Bob get married; SHRP initiated; November 13, Helen’s last active record
1956 - Helen has Violet
1960 - Helen has Dash
1967 - (possibly the last time the Parrs moved)
1969 - Jan. Helen has Jack-Jack
1970 - spring (beginning in Feb. and ending in April), movie, Dash (10); Violet (13-14)

So, any thoughts? Anything you could add to make this timeline more detailed and accurate. Does anyone else have a different timeline they use? And, anyone who wishes to use this timeline as a reference for their fan fictioning may certainly do so :slight_smile: ! P.S. thanks to TSS for helping with this a bit :slight_smile: !

Awesome! I’d say your timeline is pretty acurate, I don’t think I can add anything to it.

Thank you :slight_smile: ! I gotta thank TSS for helping me gather some of the info.

How about you guys? Has anybody else come up with a timeline they use?

I haven’t^^, but I always thought the film take place around the late '60s.

Yeah, Brad talked about it a bit in the bonus features, but I’m not exactly sure where. And I know some people try to dispute this. Here’s some for the argument:

Hyper-advanced technology
Violet appears to be listening to a CD player
Modern looking appliances

These are all good arguing points, and here’s my counter argument:

Syndrome’s a crazy evil scientist, but he’s a prodigy. He could’ve easily invented these weapons and such, and hidden it, except of course from his buyers
Violet is probably listening to a cassette player
Brad wanted to maintain a “sixties version of the future,” where people thought we’d have flying cars and jet-packs in the next ten years.

That’s where I got my idea from, he talked about in in the Audio Commentary and the Design bonus feature, I believe. Probably in more too, but those are the ones I remember.

The other points you make also make sense to me.

That seems pretty accurate Violet Parr. Really nice observations and nice job putting it together. Glad that I was able to help.

Wow, awesome time line!! I wish I could add to it. 8D :smiley:

Thank you guys :smiley: ! It took me a few tries to get it right, but I’m glad I did it.

And I might post my own additions in a separate timeline once I start posting fanfics.

I alway’s thought they married in the late 70s and the film took place in the early 90s. I never read theat thing about Helen.

It is hard to tell. Most people think it takes place in modern times. That’s why I posted this.

I agree more that it has a 1960’s feel to it.

Which brings into question, what’s with the normal lookin’ cloths :confused: ? I have been asked this before, and I was wondering, why are all the characters wearing modern looking clothing, instead of bell-bottoms and flower shirts and having their hair greased back?

What about other character’s births?

Bob and Helen - Late 1920’s to mid 1930s

Buddy - Mid 1940s

Frozone - Same as Bob and Helen

Edna - somewhere in the late 1910s

I’m not really sure?

I think your birth timeline seems to be pretty acurate Pixarfan91.

Another thing is compulters. Bob has a compulter in his office. They did have personal compulters in the 70s but it was rare for a company to use them.

We must keep in mind that Brad Bird’s vision was that he wanted to combine retro with modern, kind of like combining the mundane and the fantastic.

I never knew that it didn’t take place in today’s times. I always thought it did.

That is a very true point.

I always like to pretend it is set in modern times myself, because it makes me feel better. 8D :blush: