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While I’m not a fan of having to buy figures just to play the game, it does look pretty sweet! I hope I get to play as Giant Zurg and destroy stuff! I’d have it be a peaceful day in wherever I’m playing at, then Giant Zurg comes and starts destroying stuff! Then I’d have many heroes such as Buzz, Woody, Tron, and Ralph come to save the day, only Ralph would only be there so I can kill him for making me sit through his overrated film! So, are you excited for Infinity?

It looks amazing! I won’t buy all the figures but i will buy some of the figures i like :slight_smile: And i saw some power discs, those where amazing especially the Angus one!

I finally Found the Topic!

Also who are you guys getting? I’m planning to get Jessie and Randall (Yes he’s in the game too!)

Not gonna lie, I’m more fascinated by the figurines than the game. I want the Incredibles ones! Do we know how much each will cost?

Well from what I’ve seen over here each of 'em are gonna be £14.99 each, and the playsets are £34.99

Also Guess who I spotted

I don’t speak euro, but that doesn’t sound cheap. :frowning:

They look like interesting toys. I won’t be buying them, though. I’ve already bought my life’s share of toys in about 15 years, mostly consisting of Toy Story and Cars merchandise. For me to own any more toys would be so bad of me. :unamused: But still. They look like a lot of fun. :wink:

Ah well as a game addict, I fell in love with the Toy Box on the TS3 game and wished they added more stuff to it, and now they have! so me and a couple of friends are getting the game (and we all called dibs on our fav characters) now I know I gonna get Jessie and Randall, but they better make Alice :blush:

Welp I know who i’m getting

Disney Infinity, now? Seems similar to Skylanders from what I’ve heard (which I might buy as well), but pretty awesome nonetheless! If they add figures of Bambi as well, I’m certainly gonna pick up Flower even if I don’t have the game, because he’s my favouritest favourite character in the history of Disney. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonder if they’ll add some of the more obscure characters as well…

Still awaiting for the Toy Story playset XP

Did anyone Get one yet? I’m getting mine tomorrow :3