'Inside out' skin?

When can we expect the ‘Inside out’ theme background for the site?

I’m not even sure if the guy who makes the site skins is even active anymore.

It’s certainly looking that way, but new skins are still something cool to hope for, even if it’s a long shot. Perhaps the Mods could hire someone new to take that over?

Aww man, I’d totally design one if I had the chance! Imagine it’s sort of purple-toned, to look like Headquarters, and links are designated by colorful orbs… :smiley:

Leirin: That’s a good vision! I like it already. Though the orbs may have to be a mix of all 5 colors just so that we don’t preference one emotion over another.

I’ve got some input to follow up with this:

The Emotions should be at the top header.

Bing Bong and some mind workers can be running around. Don’t know if Riley would fit in somewhere.

The phpBB disclosure at the bottom of the site is going to need something that matches Inside Out. In fact, let’s draft up some ideas in this thread! (wow I’m starting to sound like Joy) :smiley:

Here’s some to get the ball rolling:

[b]Powered by phpBB and Riley’s imagination

Powered by phpBB from Imagination Land

Powered by phpBB dreams from Dream Productions

Powered by phpBB fuel from Headquarters[/b]

I almost started a thread about a Good Dinosaur skin but figured it would be pointless since we still don’t have skins for Inside Out or Brave.