Insuricare question

Do any of you think that there was a time when Insuricare used to be not so crooked and corrupt (perhaps before Huph became president)? Also, do you think that while Huph was in hospital, whoever filled in for him turned the company around?

Good topicc.

Not really sure, but I think that Insuricare could have been a good insurance company that actually helped people. THen, I think it’s finanial numbers started to sink so they took matters into their own hands I think Huph was at the hospital, nothing really changed. The company just waited until he returned and then they start everything over again.

This may be a little off-topic, but what job did Bob get after defeating Syndrome? Did he continue to be a blue-collar at the train yard, or did he get reinstated to InsuriCare? Being a superhero doesn’t exactly pay the bills…

TDIT: (Also going off-topic)) Not unless the govt. pays the Super hero “by the job”. Meaning the more serious the threat, the more money the govt. pays.

But it wasn’t really revealed what kind of job Bob got after the movie. In my fanfics, I gave him a job at construction.

TSS: Interesting thought on being ‘hired by the government’. I can see Bob having a regular job, with some ‘moonlighting’ on behalf of the National Supers Agency. :slight_smile:

I think it pretty much stayed the same…no opinion on the after job thing, but maybe he worked with the police, so he could actually help? :smiley:

I have no idea about the insuricare question, but I like to think that it started off with a good purpose to help people!

InsuriCare is the company that Bob worked at before he got fired for throwing his boss Gilbert through the cubicles.

With regards to WheezysBestBud claim about InsuriCare being corrupt, that practice is not too far from real-life. That’s how insurance companies make their money, after all. Man, I love Pixar for their realism. :slight_smile:

I know what it is, I’m just saying I don’t know the for sure answer!

Ha ha I think everyone knows that, it’s just hard to imagine an answer for these questions.

Hello again everyone!

I think that there is a possibility that InsureCare could have possibly turned around. Most likely they would have needed to get a replacement for Gilbert, and he could have been an honest person that wanted to see InsureCare actually help people.

Just my two cents. :wink:

My bad. :slight_smile: