Is Alpha a villain?

I apologize for starting so many of these ‘potential villain’ threads, but a lot of Pixar characters could go either way. Anyway, I just saw on Pixar Wiki that Alpha is listed as a villain. This really floored me, because beyond his attitude, he doesn’t do anything directly harmful to any of the characters (except for possibly Kevin, but the cause of her injury is left ambiguous for the most part). What do you guys think?

I do. He is listening to Charles command’s and seem’s to want to get Kevin. To to mention he throws Dug OFF A CLIFF! He survived becuase he fell on that ledge. I think by almost killing your partner that’s also a dog, your a villain.

That’s a good point, but I think it’s also important to keep in mind that Alpha was a dog above anything else. Dogs have instincts bred into them, and Dug stood in the way of something Alpha wanted. Naturally Alpha acted upon that instinct.

Yeah, I’d think so. His interests contradict the main characters, and he tries to foil their plans.

He worcked for Charles and never betrayed him so he’s clealry a villain.

Even if he worked for Muntz, that would make him a henchman at best.

Was he seen after he got the cone of shame on him. Did he look out the window?

I view him as a henchman to Charles, so he’s a side villain.