It HAS to Win Best Animated Feature Oscar !

It’s one of those things I wouldn’t bet on, but want to.

As much as I’m pleased with this year animated Oscar selection I feel that the battle will be between Rats and Persepolis. Surf’s up is beautiful movie (not only visually) but with quite simple plot. Very enjoyable but still I’d definitely put it on the third place. As I admitted I’m still to watch Persepolis (probably this week), but premise given by the trailers and clips is very strong. It’s gonna be very hard competitor for Rats and no, I don’t think it’s less visually compelling - it is in fact very beautifully drawn in its very own graphic style - it’s like Velazquez vs Matisse - both great painters but in very different manner. It’s very hard to predict who’ll win - it could be either Nemo vs Triplets of Belleville or IceAge vs Spirited Away case, where very popular boxoffice blockbusters were competing against less hyped but very strong, beautifully told and drawn foreign traditional animations. I still have that impression that Triplets was actually better film that year, more consistent from storytelling point of view - Nemo was more like long chain of (very entertaining) standalone episodes, gags and situations that (with the exception of the beginning and the end) could be quite easily reordered without real impact on the story. Still… I like Rats more than Nemo so…

Haunt- Well, you’re certainly allowed to your own opinion, and it is a very valid one. In some ways, I agree that Ratatouille does have some stiff competition, but at the end of the day, even if Ratatouille doesn’t win, that doesn’t make it any less of a good, enjoyable movie.

I will say that I agree with Kaszubas in that it really does look like a two-horse race. I don’t think Surf’s Up has much of a chance, because although it is a very well done movie, it doesn’t have the same sort of interest as Persepolis, which is a very different type of animated film, and if you were to compare the mainstream animated films of the year, it falls short to Ratatouille in the critic’s eyes.

But hey, I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see! :smiley:

hey u no, the reason i feel so comfortable that ratatouille is going to win is because…

I’ve never seen persopolis OR surf’s up…

hehe :smiley:

I agree with most and know Ratatouille will win Best Animated Feature.

I didn’t see Surfs Up either though I DO know it was hiking the heals of March of the Penguins and Happy Feet.
The other one however…is from Studio Gihibli…Mizahri’s (name is hard) studio…now I admit I haven’t seen it at all but given the techniques and the fact that so few probably even heard or seen it, it’s probably the only real competition.

Remy’s is original, well made, for all ages, topped the box office, caused a fan uproad, changed lifes…if it doesn’t win I doubt I’ll believe any other award shows heh.

Personally I also think Ratatouille should, AT LEAST, be nominated for the Best Picture award, despite the BIAS of the awarders.

Firstly I still see no reason Surf’s Up should be looked down upon simply because of the character designs. In my opinion there are no similarities between any of the movies beyond the fact that the contain large amounts of the same species. The plots aren’t even similar.
Secondly, you should go back and do some serious research on Persepolis before commenting on it or judging the film based on distribution. It has absolutely nothing to do with director Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli. It was produced in Europe, not Japan, and it has already won several awards in many countries.

The movie is about an Iranian girl and takes place in Iran and France.


Also, as long as either of these films win, it’s a triumph for common sense and good art.

: Really? Geez, I hate it when I find bad synopsis. Two that I found said France.
I still have not had the chance to see it, but it’ll be near my place next week. Have you seen it?

No, but I read the two graphic novels. Half of the second one concerns her Secondary School education in Austria.

Actually, you’re both right. The movie takes place in Iran, Austria and France. But most of it is set In Iran and Austria :wink:

Haunt : you’re not the only one who wouldn’t be upset if Ratatouille doesn’t win. I’d be upset if Ratatouille or Persepolis doesn’t win. But that’s because I didn’t see Surf’s Up. Maybe it deserves it too.

Thanks for mentioning this interview. Interesting read.

I love how she’s on the same page that Brad Bird :

You can read the whole interview here : link.

Regardless, I bet for Ratatouille.

This is one of those rare instances in which I wouldn’t be that disappointed if one of Pixar Animation Studios’ animated feature films lost to another industry’s production, judging by the fact that Surf’s Up exceeded (my) expectations and Persepolis is, as I hear, most astounding as well. (I have yet to see the latter so as to make my comparisons and opinions final.)

Either way, however, you all know which of the three “runner-ups” I would prefer to win the award for Best Animated Feature… :wink:

– Mitch


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I am so excited for the Oscars than I have ever been in my life!

Usually I would just look online to see who won, but I’m going to try my best to watch it live, which as far as I know, will be in the day and not the middle of the night so that’s lucky. I want to hear Ratatouille’s nominations said nice and loud and hopefully see Brad and the rest of the team accept their award(s) onstage.

Last year, when the Best Animated Feature nominations were read out, instead of showing the directors, they showed the characters in their “seats” looking hopeful, then whoever were the losers they looked disappointed. Do you think they’ll do that again this year? I want to see Linguini and Remy in a tux! :mrgreen:

Hopefully they’ll do that again rachel, I felt so bad when I saw Mater’s expression when he lost. Lightning McQueen’s expression was like whatever, if I recall correctly. Is this on YouTube?

they do that?

how come I never knew…

where do you see those pics?

Ha-ha. They do that every year now. Both Mike and Sulley were present when Monsters, Inc. lost the award to Shrek (Mike’s reaction was hilarious – heh), Edna Mode came on-stage for when The Incredibles won “Best Animated Feature”, and Lightning McQueen and Mater were, as martini833 stated, also present for the Oscars. As for Linguini and Remy: I wouldn’t mind seeing them dressed up in fancy attire myself…

– Mitch

but where do you get to see them?

Huh. I don’t know how that would have worked, but ok… I really hope Ratatouille wins so we can see Linguini and Remy on stage. :mrgreen: